The first business you should buy in GTA Online

The first business in GTA Online is always a vital choice (Image via LopMuSiC1, Youtube)
The first business in GTA Online is always a vital choice (Image via LopMuSiC1, Youtube)

Money may be the root of all evil, but in GTA Online, it is a matter of survival and, of course, fun.

No matter how many stores the player robs or bone-breaking jobs he/she takes a crack at, in a world as full of daunting challenges as GTA Online, there will never be enough money in a player's bank. This is why investing in a business is so important.

Of course, there are a bunch of sites and fields to choose from in GTA Online, but the smartest way to go about this is to invest in a business that generates the highest payout per hour without active marketing.

The first business to buy in GTA Online

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Contrary to common belief, import/export is not the only way to make the big bucks in GTA Online. While purchasing a warehouse may cost relatively less than other businesses, an import/export business does not fall under passive income in the game.

Purchasing a bunker to start a Gunrunning business, on the other hand, is the most lucrative way to generate a good deal of passive income in GTA Online.

Bunkers do demand an initial investment of around 3.4 million dollars in GTA Online. Still, they are very user friendly and can be handled efficiently without a partner, making them the perfect business for solo players.

To buy a bunker, the player will need the status of either a VIP, CEO, or Biker Club President. The title of VIP, however, does require them to have a total of $1 million in GTA Online.

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There are 11 bunkers available for purchase at Maze Bank Foreclosures in the game. According to statistics and ratings, the Route 68 Bunker, the Raton Canyon Bunker, and the Farmhouse Bunker offer the highest return on investment.

To kickstart the business, here's what the player needs to do:

  1. Open the laptop that comes with the bunker.
  2. Access the Disruption Logistics Website.
  3. Resupply or sell weapons acquired via the business ventures.

The gamer can store a maximum of 100 stocks at a time in a bunker, which only takes about two hours to generate a massive profit.

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