The GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy remains a bug-ridden game

Will the Definitive Edition receive more patches? (Image via Rockstar Games)
Will the Definitive Edition receive more patches? (Image via Rockstar Games)

Rockstar had a rocky start with the release of the GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy, as the games had numerous issues at launch. However, they quickly followed up with a series of title updates that promised to fix the majority of the game's bugs.

Yet after almost five months after the Trilogy's release, the games still appear to be riddled with bugs. Fans continue to upload gameplay recordings displaying bizarre and game-breaking glitches, the majority of which were not present in the original trilogy.

The GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy is still unplayable for most gamers

How it began

Ever since its official launch in November 2021, the remastered GTA Trilogy has seen several hurdles. The game was launched amidst major bugs that made it nearly unplayable on most platforms. Rockstar were heavily criticized and lost the trust of the majority of their fanbase.

The remasters were done by Grove Street Games (formerly Wardrum Studios), the same developers who had worked on the Android ports of the 3D Universe trilogy. The quality was so poor that Rockstar themselves had to step in to apologize, and promise fixes soon. They have been releasing title updates since then, which has fixed some of the most prominent issues.

However, as the above video showcases, enemies are able to shoot the player through the walls in the Definitive Edition of Vice City. This isn't the only such reported case, however, as fans regularly find such bizarre flaws. According to most players who have tried all three games in the Definitive Edition trilogy, the remaster of GTA 3 is the most stable.

How it's going now

The remastered Vice City and San Andreas, on the other hand, remain somewhat unplayable for most gamers. To begin with, there are plenty of harmless bugs and oddities that are quite common in these games. The above post, for example, shows how Grove Street Games has reused assets from GTA 5.

Since both these games are set in distinct time periods, the mixing of assets ends up breaking the immersion. There are tons of typos in the different signs and billboards around the maps of Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas. Rotating signs in the original games have been replaced with static ones.

While these are minor bugs and are still tolerable, there are plenty of others that aren't. Crashing is a frequent problem in the remastered GTA trilogy that makes it annoying to keep on playing the games.

One thing that the Definitive Edition trilogy hasn't managed to let down on is comedy. Some of the bugs and glitches in the games are pure meme-material. From hilariously bad character models to bizarre NPC behavior, players keep on discovering new bugs every now and then.

As of now, it's not yet known if Rockstar will continue to patch these games or not. The latest update that arrived this month has fixed plenty of existing bugs, but the games are far from perfect.

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