The Ruiner 2000 in GTA Online: All you need to know

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

If there's one thing players love more than blowing stuff up in GTA Online, it's driving. Indeed, the game would hardly have been as popular as it is had it not been for all the amazing vehicles Rockstar keeps adding to it.

Over the years, GTA Online has racked up enough content to keep players engaged for weeks on end, if not months. From weaponized helicopters to armored bikes to flying cars, GTA Online features a great assortment of vehicles. To put it simply, the game has it all.

Some vehicles in the game are ridiculously expensive, while others are sensible and affordable. The price of a vehicle, however, does not define its worth. The Yacht, for example, is a symbol of wealth and power in GTA Online, but is it worth the big bucks? Not really.

Is the Ruiner 2000 worth all the buzz in GTA Online?

It's better looking than you. It can fire machine guns and rocket launchers more accurately than you. It can jump higher than you and it's always got a parachute. Your mother prefers its company to yours. You know what they say: if you can't beat it, own it, and pray people don't notice that all your belongings are cooler than you are. – WARSTOCK CACHE & CARRY DESCRIPTION

The infamous Ruiner 2000 seems to have drawn inspiration from the popular Pontiac Trans Am (KITT) from the TV series Knight Rider. This modern variant of the Ruiner improves over the base version in several aspects. Not only is it faster than the base version, it also looks flashier.

The Ruiner 2000 is recorded at a top speed of 119.00 mph (191.51 km/h). It boasts excellent acceleration, nimble handling and great traction.

As if its high-end performance wasn't enough, the Ruiner 2000 comes equipped with access to a parachute and power hop mechanism. Both features are extremely versatile and come in handy. The parachute is, after all, a lifesaver.

The power hop mechanism, as the name might imply, allows the car to jump for about 4 to 5 miles. Furthermore, the Ruiner 2000 is a weaponized vehicle and comes equipped with two powerful Machine Guns and devastating Homing Missiles.

All in all, the Ruiner 2000 is one of the best vehicles in GTA Online and makes for a great addition to the player's virtual garage.

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