Tips for Contact Missions in GTA Online

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Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
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Contact Missions in GTA Online are essentially story missions that one can occasionally complete by themselves or with the help of friends.

Essentially, this is a happy medium between the online multiplayer of GTA Online and the scripted story-driven experience of the single-player mode.

Contact Missions are a beloved part of the GTA Online experience, and players have grown to appreciate them more and more. While they aren't necessarily the most high-paying jobs in the game, they are certainly some of the most fun ones.

Contact Missions form not only a great way to tutorialize players with the basic mechanics of the game but also test one's skill in GTA Online. Some of the tougher ones later in the game can certainly push players, especially on hard difficulty.

This article takes a look at some tips that might help players get through Contact Missions with far greater efficiency in GTA Online.

GTA Online: Tips for Contact Missions

#1 - Use an Armored Kuruma


An Armored Kuruma will just about save the player's hide in any given situation in GTA Online.

As one of the most beloved cars in the game, the Armored Kuruma is favored for all sorts of activities in the game, including Heists and Contact Missions.

The car is extremely resistant to gunfire and will help the player complete the entire mission without stepping out of the car. While this isn't the way perhaps the game intends for the player to play through missions, it is the most efficient way to complete Contact Missions.

The missions' payout depends, in large part, on how fast the player was able to complete the said mission. Therefore, the Armored Kuruma comes in quite handy as it doesn't require the player to step out in the line of fire.

#2 - Complete on Hard


While easier difficulties guarantee a more forgiving playthrough, the payout is also considerably less. The best way to play Contact Missions is to play on the highest difficulty and get better over time.

The Armored Kuruma pretty much ensures that the player does not die an unceremonious death and resets the mission. Playing the mission on hard will also help the player get better at heists and guarantee a larger payout there as well.

The missions aren't exactly the toughest and don't require much outside of shooting up a bunch of enemies or recovering an object.

#3 - It doesn't hurt to bring a crew along


Playing the game with friends or a crew gets the player an additional bonus RP in GTA Online, which is a neat bonus to have around. In fact, having a friend along in the same Armored Kuruma will ensure more firepower without the risk of getting shot.

Along with that, there are several other RP boosts that players can get, such as:

  • Crew RP Bonus
  • Friend RP Bonus
  • Free-Aim RP Bonus

Therefore, players can try playing the mission with Free-Aim enabled or have the maximum number of players required in a session to play the mission.

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