5 of the most fun contact missions in GTA Online

Image via GTA WIki
Image via GTA WIki

Contact missions are exciting story-mode missions that players can enjoy with friends or fellow-players in GTA Online.

Not only do these missions add a lot of value to the game because of the unique storyline each revolves around, but they also generate insanely high payouts as well as RP Bonuses.

As if that wasn't enough, contact missions feature some of the most beloved Grand Theft Auto characters, including Lester, Martin Madrazo, and Lamar Davis.

This article talks about the most fun contact missions in GTA Online.

Top 5 fun contact missions in GTA Online

#5 - Trash Talk


Trash Talk is one of the most thrilling missions featured in GTA Online. The goal is to destroy the garbage trucks located in El Burro Heists and kill every member of the rival party.

The garbage trucks in El Burro Heists are always guarded by heavily armed men, and getting past them is no easy feat. This makes the mission a hundred times more challenging.

"Trash Talk" unlocks at level 81 and allows up to six players. The player can make a whopping gross of $50,000.

#4 - Pier Pressure


This GTA Online mission involves stealing a mysterious package containing methamphetamine and delivering it to Gerald's place without running out of lives.

Pier Pressure is the perfect challenge for someone who likes maintaining a low profile. The game unlocks at level six in GTA Online and allows up to four players. The reward depends on the time spent grinding the mission.

#3 - Blow Up


Simeon does not talk it out. He blows it out.

When a certain dealership down on Strawberry Avenue bothers Simeon, he decides to destroy all of the dealerships' vehicles.

The mission objectives may sound basic, but facing a rival dealership and outsmarting the cops is not exactly a walk in the park.

The mission unlocks at level 12 in GTA Online and allows no more than two players at a time. The player can make around $21,000 in this mission.

#2 - Diamonds are for Trevor


Diamonds are for Trevor is another exciting contact mission featured in GTA Online.

In this mission, the player has to visit a dangerous place called Paleto Bay, collect diamonds for Trevor, and safely take them to the stationed Jetty while preventing the rival party from stealing or destroying the documents.

The mission allows up to four players and unlocks at level 70. The reward depends on the time spent playing the game.

#1 - Rooftop Rumble


In this mission, the player has to walk into the enemy's den, knock down the arrogant looking professionals, and steal some official documents for Madrazo.

Rooftop Rumble can be played by one to four players and unlocks at level 75 in GTA Online. The player can make anywhere from $18,000 - 22,500.

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