Are laser guns worth the hype in GTA Online?

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Laser guns were added to GTA Online as part of the Arena War update on January 8, 2019, and have been the talk of the town ever since. But are they really worth all the hype?

Like everything else in the game, laser guns are undoubtedly super cool to boast around and wreak chaos with. But, these futuristic plasma guns have equally fascinated and somewhat let GTA Online fans down.

While powerful in nature and majestic in appearance, the laser guns are certainly not "inexpensive" and cost a lot of money. This is why players should consider the pros and cons of both the Widowmaker and the Unholy Hellbringer before spending a fortune on either of the guns.

This article attempts to answer the question that plagues every GTA Online player: Are the popular laser guns worth buying?

Should players pay a hefty sum of money for the infamous laser guns in GTA Online?

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

The Unholy Hellbringer is a square-shaped plasma rifle equipped with three barrels and a powerful ammo magazine. The side of the machine gun features three mysterious alien-head symbols.

The Widowmaker, on the other hand, comes equipped with the highest fire rate in GTA Online, recorded at approximately 3000 RPM. Due to the sharp accuracy of the machine gun, it is probably the most devastating weapon seen in GTA Online.

Image via GTA WIki
Image via GTA WIki

The Unholy Hellbringer is essentially a highly modified reskin of the LMG guns and hosts the same kind of ammo-capacity. Unlike most guns, the Unholy Hellbringer does not need to be reloaded, making it perfect for missions like the Doomsday Heist.

The Widowmaker, on the other hand, seems to have been inspired by the Minigun. Both share the same features and even use the same ammunition.

The Widowmaker comes equipped with an ammo capacity of 9999, and just like the Minigun, it can shoot at a maximum range of 120 meters.


As far as performance is considered, both the Unholy Hellbringer and the Widowmaker are extremely powerful and perhaps make for the coolest weapons in the game. However, the staggering price tag of $449,000 is what sets most people down.


Whether the laser guns do justice to all the hype and the hefty price tag is for GTA Online players to decide. However, one thing remains indisputable: The intimidating build of the laser guns alone is, or at least should be, enough to send the enemy running for the hills.

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