Top 5 most boring GTA Vice City cheats

GTA Vice City (Source: Pinterest
GTA Vice City (Source: Pinterest
Viren Mirpuri

There is no doubt that GTA Vice City is still one of the most favored GTA titles in the GTA series. The neon aesthetic and colorful art style is iconic even today.

Besides the story and the amazing visuals, players have a lot of options to pass time in GTA Vice City. It also has one of the best features that games in the GTA series share, and that's the cheats.

GTA Vice City sold 17.5 million copies and was definitely a crowd favorite. While millions of players have played the game, there is a rift between the players who used cheats and the players who didn't. Not all cheats in GTA Vice City can be used to make missions easier, and some can be used just for fun.

Cheats in GTA Vice City can be used to spawn vehicles, change character models, change the weather, etc. But not all that glitter is gold, and sadly not all cheats are fun. Taking this into consideration, here is a list of cheats in GTA Vice City that are really not that interesting.

GTA Vice City's top 5 most boring cheats

5) ALOVELYDAY ~ Sunny Weather


Typing ALOVELYDAY changes the weather in GTA Vice City. The cheat makes the sky clear and makes the game have a sunny weather. This cheat is boring as it makes the weather conditions very normal and uninteresting. There are no awesome effects when the weather is sunny, in contrast to having rainy weather, or foggy weather.

4) GREENLIGHT ~ All traffic signals green


Typing GREENLIGHT in GTA Vice City, changes all the traffic lights on the road to green. This causes NPCs to drive without stopping at traffic lights and sometimes crash into each other. This cheat is not very interesting and doesn't matter much to the players as they are always breaking signals in the game.

3) GRIPISEVERYTHING ~ Vehicle handling improved


Using the cheat GRIPISEVERYTHING makes the vehicles in GTA Vice City have a better grip on the road. This prevents the cars from drifting around on turns. This cheat makes the handling of all cars similar which makes it less fun to play with.

2) AHAIRDRESSERSCAR ~ All cars become pink


Typing AHAIRDRESSERSCAR in GTA Vice City makes all the cars turn pink. This cheat doesn't do much except turn all cars pink. Without any special function of this cheat, it makes the cheat a boring one.



Typing LIFEISPASSINGMEBY makes the game timer run faster. This cheat doesn't do anything except change the timer speed. This could be used to help trigger time-based events in GTA Vice City, but overall it is a pretty boring cheat.

Note: The list is subjective and reflects the views of the writer.

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