Top 5 celebrities that appear in GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas cover (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA San Andreas cover (Image via Rockstar Games)
Chris Black

Apart from the story and gameplay, GTA San Andreas surprised us even more with the roster of celebrity guest stars that were a part of the game. This "hood-movie" style edition of the game brought many actors and musicians with it. The game also gave many nods to great films like Menace II Society and Boyz n the Hood.

GTA San Andreas helped progress the franchise by providing several new and exciting possibilities to players. Some of those included: A whole new bunch of weapons, vehicles and even different available outfits.

As if these new additions weren't enough, we were given an entirely fresh set of radio stations in GTA San Andreas. Some of our celebrity friends can be found there, hosting their own stations and shows, like Guns n Roses' frontman Axl Rose.

Who are the Top 5 celebrities in GTA San Andreas?

1) Samuel L. Jackson - Officer Frank Tenpenny

Samuel L. Jackson has made a name for himself in the world of entertainment. Having acted in over 100 movies since the 70's, he has become a household name worldwide. He is known as one of Hollywood's biggest stars, especially for his role in Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction.

GTA San Andreas fans were blown away after hearing his voice for the first time when Officer Tenpenny arrested CJ in the opening intro cut-scene.

2) James Woods - Mike Toreno


James Woods is another classic actor that has been famous since the early 70's. But most gamers' first recollection of him is as Mike Toreno, an undercover agent and gang leader from GTA San Andreas.

His career has spanned decades; everything from cult movie classics like Videodrome; to multiple TV shows, and even a reoccurring role in Family Guy. Essentially, James Woods made a great celebrity addition to the GTA franchise.

3) Chris Penn - Officer Eddie Pulaski


Probably best known for his role as 'Nice Guy Eddie' in the Quentin Tarantino film Reservoir Dogs, it is interesting to note Officer Pulaski's first name in San Andreas. Coincidence?

As Tenpenny's right-hand man in San Andreas, Chris Penn really delivered a great performance as the corrupt cop that had no fear. Perhaps his role in GTA San Andreas was not too dissimilar to some of his best acting work in films.

4) Ice T - Madd Dogg


Ice T is a man that really needs no introduction. The rapper-turned-movie star has not tried to limit his multitude of talents in anyway.

True fans of GTA San Andreas will never forget that Ice T played the rapper Madd Dogg, and even produced a music video. He also appeared on News Talk radio in San Andreas as himself.

5) David Cross - Zero


When GTA San Andreas was released many players might not have known who it was that voiced Zero, the oddball hobby store owner who used to give CJ missions.

It was in fact the famous actor David Cross. Adding much levity to his missions in the game, his playful character may come from the fact that he is well-known for his part in the famous TV series Arrested Development.

As well as his successful TV career, fans might remember David from movies like Men In Black, and the Kung Fu Panda movies, where he played the Crane. Yet another amazing addition to the list of celebrity appearances in the GTA franchise.

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