Top 5 drift cars to buy in GTA Online in July 2021

One of the best drift cars in GTA Online (Image via RobinOlsen2011, DeviantArt)
One of the best drift cars in GTA Online (Image via RobinOlsen2011, DeviantArt)

GTA Online has a massive collection of vehicles inspired by both real-life and sci-fi. Players can wreak havoc with these in the game world as well as engage in arcade-like racing reminiscent of Mario Kart.

The driving physics are geared toward providing a fun, casual experience and were not intended to accurately portray a racing simulation.

However, some players weren't deterred by this and decided to make do with the features available in the game. This is how the fan community discovered how to drift effectively in GTA Online, using a particular set of cars and some ingenious techniques.

This involves manually lowering the cambers, using certain specific upgrades (which may vary depending on the car) and avoiding others. Here are some of the best cars for drifting in the game, using these special techniques.

GTA Online: 5 best drift cars in the game as of July 2021

There are some basic rules to keep in mind when upgrading cars for drifting in GTA and players should make sure to upgrade their cars according to the following parameters:

The engine should be fully upgraded and preferably turbocharged (turbo tuning). When it comes to suspensions, they should choose either the street or the race suspension.

SUV wheels are usually the best choice for drifting, but players should certainly avoid High End, Tuner or Offroad wheels. The must-avoid list when building a drift car includes spoilers, armor and bulletproof tires.

5) Willard Faction


GTA 5 is not the most realistic game when it comes to car handling. Sometimes, a drift car may perform like a muscle, and vice versa. The Willard Faction would be a great example of this, since it is a muscle car which drifts quite well.

Players should make sure not to upgrade to the custom variants as they are not suitable for drifting. The minimal traction of the Faction is one of the reasons why players favor it as a drift car.

Drifting with this car requires a bit of practice if players wish to avoid spinning out. However, the $36,000 price tag makes it a good start for any player learning to drift.

4) Benefactor Schwartzer


The Benefactor Schwartzer is the best car for beginners to learn drifting in GTA Online. It is basically an upgraded model of the Schafter, its 4-door variant.

It costs $80,000 at Southern San Andreas Super Autos, but players can just steal one from the streets and install a tracker with coverage for $12,000.

3) Dewbauchee Rapid GT


One of the sportier looking drift cars in GTA Online, the Dewbauchee Rapid GT is also great for beginners. It has decent acceleration but the handling is average.

Although a bit heavy around the corners, this car is will lend itself to drifting provided that players put in the practice. The car has two variants purchasable from Legendary Motorsport, a coupe for $132,000 and a roadster for $140,000.

2) Bravado Banshee 900R


The Banshee 900R is one of the most popular choices for drifting in GTA Online. It has a tendency to oversteer around tight corners but otherwise has suitable acceleration and speed.

Since this is an upgraded variant of the regular Banshee, players need to acquire the standard model first. The regular model itself has three variants to choose from, costing $90,000, $105,000 or $126,000.

The upgrade will then cost $565,000, making this the most expensive drift car in GTA Online. It is also quite difficult to drift with this car, but if a player masters it, their drifting skills will improve significantly.

1) Karin Futo


Based on the iconic Toyota Corolla Levin, the Karin Futo is technically the only real drift car in the game. A legendary drift car in real life, this is also one of the best options for drifting in GTA Online.

It is also quite easy to handle and has a decent performance, yet its price is unbelievably low. Priced at $9000, the Karin Futo has inarguably the best price-to-performance ratio in any vehicle found in-game.

Players can get it at a cheaper price by just stealing the car, adding a tracker for $2000, and then getting full coverage for $1125.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of its writer.

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