Top 5 easiest ways to make money in GTA Online

Everybody wants to be rich (Image via Rockstar Games)
Everybody wants to be rich (Image via Rockstar Games)
Alan Sahbegovic

Not every method to make money in GTA Online is difficult.

Money is the most valuable thing to stockpile in GTA Online. Without it, the player can't do much. Much like in the real world, players are looking for new ways to earn a good amount of money for little to no effort.

Making money in GTA Online is surprisingly easy, especially in the latest versions of the game. Remember, one can work smartly to achieve their financial goals.

Five easy ways to earn money in GTA Online

5) Buy Shark Cards


Spending real-life money to get ahead of everybody else is common in online multiplayer games. GTA Online is no different in this department, although it's worth stating that buying Shark Cards isn't an option for everybody.

Still, it can get wealthy players a massive amount of money for practically no effort. It's also an option for small-spenders who might be too busy in real life to grind. F2P players should seek the following options.

4) Selling inventory from businesses


Selling inventory isn't difficult if the player uses MTU manipulation to get into solo public lobbies. As there won't be much competition from other players, one can merely proceed with these selling missions as they usually would.

Several businesses feature these types of missions, so one could do as much as possible if they want something easy. Solo players might not sell as well as a group of buddies, but it's still a profitable option in GTA Online.

3) Take advantage of bonuses

It only takes a minute of the player's time to get the Prime Gaming rewards (Image via Prime Gaming)
It only takes a minute of the player's time to get the Prime Gaming rewards (Image via Prime Gaming)

Most Thursdays have a new Newswire post talking about what's going on in GTA Online. It often includes:

  • Missions that are giving double or triple cash and RP
  • A large sum bonus for doing a specific activity
  • Various discounts

If players are interested in any item available at a discount, they should buy it. In some cases, they can save millions of dollars doing so. As for the other main points, it differs from week to week.

There are also Prime Gaming bonuses every month. GTA Online players can get hundreds of thousands of dollars through these Prime Gaming bundles, along with other bonuses depending on the month.

2) Heist Replay Glitch


Once a player understands how a particular heist works, they can try grinding it ad nauseam until they get enough money. However, doing the setup missions again isn't all that lucrative compared to the finales in GTA Online.

That's where the Heist Replay Glitch comes in handy. Essentially, the host leaves during the ending cutscene, and everybody else gets the money. In this instance, it would require having a friend so players can alternate between who hosts and who doesn't.

There are exceptions to the rule, as well. For instance, GTA Online players on PC can use it for the solo version of The Cayo Perico Heist. As that heist is one of the best moneymakers in the game, it makes the Heist Replay Glitch even more lucrative than usual.

1) AFK jobs


Not all moneymakers are necessarily the most efficient. Take AFK jobs, for example. In terms of cash per hour, there's nothing noteworthy about them. However, what makes them special is that the player can AFK for hours and earn respectable money for practically no effort.

The infamous AFK Peter Griffin Job on the PS4 is a good example. In the above video, the player can earn roughly $3,000 per round doing nothing. As this job lasts until one wins 99 rounds, it's essentially an AFK gold mine.

All the player would have to do in this situation is make sure their controller remains active, keep their character moving, and find a partner willing to do the AFK job for hours. Every platform that GTA Online is available in has its own AFK jobs for the player to check out.

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