Top 5 Easter Eggs and references in GTA Vice City

Image via GTA Myths Wiki
Image via GTA Myths Wiki

GTA Vice City is arguably the first GTA game to have top-notch Easter Eggs and references.

Easter Eggs and references are a common sight in most video games. They allow the developers and programmers a little bit of creative freedom, as they can express themselves however they want.

More often than not, it's a reference to something they love, although sometimes there's an Easter Egg that's just plain silly. In the case of GTA Vice City, both situations are prevalent.

GTA Vice City Easter Eggs tend to be hidden from sight, while popular media references tend to be more visible.

There won't be too many references to Scarface on this list, as that would bloat the article; however, one famous GTA Vice City Easter Egg will allude to the film.

5 great Easter Eggs and references in GTA Vice City

#5 - Poster references to popular media

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

There are several posters in GTA Vice City that reference popular movies and one that even features GTA 3's protagonist, Claude Speed.

The GTA 3 reference can be found in the Ocean View Hotel, as Claude can be seen in the poster in-between the "Bite" and the "Close Encounters" posters. It's quite pixelated, but it is Claude holding a gun somewhere in Liberty City in a comic-book style.

On a similar note, "Bite" is a clear reference to Jaws. The shark and colors in the background should make it obvious enough, although it is made in a way to be an obvious porn parody. Likewise, "Close Encounters" is a parody of Steven Spielberg's other movie, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

#4 - Ronald Reagan shooting Mikhail Gorbachev

Image via VGFacts
Image via VGFacts

This GTA Vice City Easter Egg is one of the harder ones to discover in a casual playthrough.

To see it, a player has to aim a rocket launcher through a wall in the Ammu-Nation in Downtown Vice City at a specific angle. The RPG is important, as it has a different camera angle compared to other guns in the game.

As far as the Easter Egg in GTA Vice City goes, it's just a billboard of Ronald Reagan holding a gun and doing a thumbs up pose to the right of a shooting target with Mikhail Gorbachev with several bullets put through him.

It's weird as Ronald Reagan was president during the time Vice City took place, but Gorbachev was just the Secretary of the Central Committee then.

#3 - Apartment 3C

Image via Mod DB
Image via Mod DB

The infamous Apartment 3C is an Easter Egg/reference that most fans of GTA Vice City should be aware of by now. Its infamy makes it one of the more infamous moments, even as it's hidden from most players' sights. There is no indication that players can enter the apartment either, especially since so many apartments around the area look similar.

Apartment 3C is based on a scene in Scarface (like plenty of other moments in GTA Vice City). More specifically, it's the scene where Tony Montana and Angel for through the Sun Ray Motel, where Angel is eventually brutalized with a chainsaw in the bathroom. Likewise, there is a chainsaw and a lot of blood in Apartment 3C's bathroom.

#2 - Shooting the moon with a Sniper Rifle

Image via John Marie Brandon (YouTube)
Image via John Marie Brandon (YouTube)

This Easter Egg has actually been in other GTA titles. In GTA Vice City, one can perform this Easter Egg by equipping a sniper rifle and then choosing to shoot the moon.

It will go through a few phases, as there are some set sizes for the moon. There are about five sizes in total, although it doesn't actually matter which one the player chooses.

What makes this Easter Egg great is that the player can do it anywhere in GTA Vice City. The only limitation is that the player must own a sniper rifle with ammo, and it has to be night.

Considering how easy those requirements are, it's an Easter Egg most GTA Vice City players can enjoy whenever they want.

#1 - Chocolate Easter Egg

Image via Chiliad Mystery, Reddit
Image via Chiliad Mystery, Reddit

The chocolate Easter Egg near Vice City News is the granddaddy of all Easter Eggs in the GTA series.

Most fans associate great GTA Easter Eggs with this one, as seeing an actual Easter Egg was so outlandish that fans loved it. A literal Easter Egg is still the best video game Easter Egg in GTA Vice City, without question.

For players that wish to find it themselves, they have to go to Downtown Vice City and head to the top of the building near Vice City News. Near the helipad is a window where players can pass through. It is the first window on the right, so the player just has to run and jump through it to see the literal chocolate Easter Egg.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the writer's opinions.

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