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Top 3 infamous money glitches that popped up in GTA Online over the years

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 15 Feb 2021
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GTA Online is essentially a pipe dream of the most chaotic online multiplayer game come to life, and the results are glorious.

The game essentially takes everything that works about online multiplayers such as racing, shooting, free-roaming, or story missions, and combines them into one game.

A game as vast and as huge in scale as GTA Online must have a solid progression system in order to keep players interested in the game for longer. While a ton of multiplayer games, including GTA Online, have a level or rank system (RP), GTA Online also includes cash.

Cash or GTA$ is required to buy items and weapons and just generally help with progression in the game. In tandem with RP, players will be able to afford better weaponry and customization options for their character with cash.

Therefore, when a game rewards players for having cash or money, players are going to find ways of exploiting the game code through glitches and bugs.

This article takes a look at some of the most infamous glitches that have popped up in GTA Online over the years.

3 most infamous money glitches that popped up in GTA Online over the years

#1 - Apartment/Garage Glitch


Perhaps, one of the more recent glitches to have popped up in GTA Online, this glitch led to what has now been referred to as "BanWave2020."

The glitch was a result of players exploiting the number of properties one can own and then trading it in to gain a massive profit.

This resulted in players earning millions by the minute, but Rockstar was quick to notice this. Shortly afterward, many players had their accounts banned. Seven years worth of progress was immediately reset to 0, and what is known as a "money wipe" was performed.

#2 - Log-in Bonus Glitch

Every once in a while, Rockstar likes to reward its players with a log-in bonus for simply playing GTA Online.

Once, Rockstar awarded $500,000 upon log-in, and players found a way to receive that money two or three times over with the help of timing a shut-down.

Upon receiving the money in GTA Online, players would shut the game down and bamboozle the game into thinking they had not received the reward. Players were able to do this up to three times within the game.

#3 - Betting to Victory


This glitch was another one that was born out of precise timing and felt almost justified in a way that robbing a casino does.

Essentially, players could quit the game midway after placing a large bet on a horse in the Diamond's Inside Track race betting.

If the player could force-quit GTA Online perfectly at the time when they knew the horse wasn't going to win, they could keep the money they had bet on. Players could then repeat this as many times as possible and not lose any of the money they bet.

Published 15 Feb 2021, 12:30 IST
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