Top 5 most infuriating moments from GTA Vice City Stories

GTA Vice City Stories (Image via Youtube @Михаил Super)
GTA Vice City Stories (Image via Youtube @Михаил Super)
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Rockstar Games released GTA Vice City Stories exclusively for Sony PSP and PS2. The game was released on October 31, 2006, for the PSP and on March 5, 2007, for the PS2.

GTA Vice City Stories is based in Vice City, which is the Miami of the GTA world. The game's story is based around the protagonist Victor "Vic" Vance and his brother Lance Vance.

The events of GTA Vice City Stories are set in 1984 which is two years before the storyline of GTA Vice City takes place. The story of GTA Vice City begins after the last mission of GTA Vice City Stories, where Tommy Vercetti meets Vic Vance in a drug deal that went wrong.

Although GTA Vice City Stories is shorter than most GTA storylines with 59 missions to complete, the game gives players a fulfilling experience with fun and infuriating missions to participate in.

This list is dedicated to the most infuriating moments from GTA Vice City Stories.

Top 5 most infuriating moments from GTA Vice City Stories



In this mission, the protagonist Vic learns that Marty has kidnapped Louise and was going to turn her into a prostitute at his brothel in Little Haiti. This moment was infuriating for Vic and the players as they learn how messed up Marty was as a person.

In the mission, Vic is supposed to chase Marty and Louise and stop them before they reach the brothel. When Vic confronts Marty, the player needs to kill Marty and take Louise to a safe house. The abusive relationship of Marty and Louise has always been one of the main reasons players would feel angry while playing GTA Vice City Stories, and this mission expresses that feeling at the maximum.

The Bum Deal


Bryan Forbes is an undercover cop who employs Vic Vance for a few missions. Vic's brother Lance finds out Forbes' true identity, and the Vance brothers tie him up to a chair.

In mission the Bum Deal, Forbes lies to the Vance brothers again and sends them to collect a shipment of drugs but instead directs them to White Stallionz Bar. When the brothers reach the bar, they realize that Forbes had set them up and get ambushed by gay white supremacists.

After taking out the people at the bar, the Vance brothers head back to the derelict building to find Forbes escaping. Players will then need to chase Forbes, kill him and head back to Lance's hotel to complete the mission. The betrayal by Forbes for the second time is one of the most annoying moments in GTA Vice City Stories.

Turn on Tune in Bug Out


In this mission, Lance tells his brother about their house being bugged by the DEA. When Vic learns about this, he runs to the Ammu-Nation store to buy a rocket launcher to take out the antennas on the Washington Beach police station roof.

To complete the mission, players need to destroy all the antennas on the roofs of Washington Beach police station, Little Havana Police station and Downtown Police station. The part that makes this mission annoying is the fact that during the mission, Vic is targeted by the police and also gains a 5 star wanted level.

Hose the Hoes


In this mission, Louise tells Vic that one of Marty's brothels is on fire and that they need to extinguish the fire before all the girls die. Players need to get to a fire truck and reach the brothel to put out the flames.

The reason this mission is on the list is because the fire is very difficult to put out as the water doesn't reach the right places due to bad firetruck mechanics, causing players to fail the mission over and over.

Light my Pyre


This mission is the last mission given to the protagonist by his brother Lance Vance. In this mission, players learn that Armando Mendez has kidnapped Louise and held her at the Mendez Mansion on Prawn Island. When the Vance brothers leave their house to rescue Louise, two Mendez Cartel members destroy Lance's Infernus and drive off.

Players need to destroy the Mendez Cartel vehicles before reaching the Mendez mansion and fighting Armando Mendez. When players confront Armando, they are told that Louise is already dead and after killing Armando, they confirm that fact. This is the most infuriating moment in GTA Vice City Stories as there was no reason for Armando to kill Louise.

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