Top 5 mods that replace the player character in GTA 5

With character replacement mods, players can be anything they want to be (Image via
With character replacement mods, players can be anything they want to be (Image via

If there is one game the modding community loves the most, it's GTA 5. Ever since the GTA 5's release on PC in 2014, modders have made thousands of mods ranging from simple mod menus to even adding a destructive tornado to the game.

Sometimes, even the simplest mods deserve recognition and fame. There are many mods that simply replace the player character in GTA 5. These mods may seem minor, but there is a lot of hard work that goes into making them for players to enjoy.

Here are the best mods to replace the player character in GTA 5.

Best character replacement mods for GTA 5

1) Niko Bellic


Everybody's favorite Eastern-European criminal comes back to GTA 5 with this character replacement mod.

It is certainly quite refreshing to see Niko Bellic roam the streets of Los Santos thinking about what could've been. This particular character model has his iconic leather jacket and gopnik sweatpants.

2) Cyberpunk Female


Many are having a hard time enjoying Cyberpunk 2077 due to performance issues. However, this mod lets players get a taste of the game by replacing the character model in GTA with a Cyberpunk model.

The character model is inspired by the female version of V, the protagonist of Cyberpunk 2077. The character model's skin tone, hairstyle, and outfit can be customized as per the player's desire.

Pair this mod with some more futuristic mods to get an even better Cyberpunk experience.

3) Deadpool


Deadpool is actually a perfect fit for the wild criminal GTA world, so everything players do in the game using this mod, can technically be considered lore friendly.

The Deadpool character model was taken from the entertaining Deadpool game that came out in 2013. The outfit has two of his iconic swords along with a belt buckle with the familiar Deadpool logo on it.

4) Spider-Man Pack

Iron Spider suit from Avengers Infinity War (Image via
Iron Spider suit from Avengers Infinity War (Image via

Players who couldn't get their hands on a PS4 to experience 2018's PlayStation exclusive Marvel's Spider-Man have a chance to do so now.

The Spider-Man Pack mod adds three iconic Spider-Man suits to GTA 5, the Iron Spider Suit, Spider-Man PS4 suit, and Spider-Man Homecoming suit.

Pair this mod with the web swinging mod to complete the Spidey experience.

5) Child skin


What better way to experience the corrupt, crime ridden, and drug-fuelled world of GTA than through the eyes of an innocent child?

The child skin mod does exactly as the title suggests by turning the playable character into a child. Players can still do everything they normally can in GTA 5 like shooting people, hijacking cars, and visiting strip clubs.

This mod is perfect for players that are looking for a bizarre experience.

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