Top 5 most popular weapons in the history of the GTA series 

Most popular weapons in the GTA series (Image via Rockstar games)
Most popular weapons in the GTA series (Image via Rockstar games)
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The GTA series has had a very diverse roaster of weapons in the games. Players have seen the evolution of weapons in the game over the years. GTA 3 was the first 3D game in the franchise, and ever since then, the guns have been getting more advanced with time.

Rockstar Games is known for its innovative game making, and the weapons they add in every new GTA game are proof of that trait. Players have to experience everything from a baseball bat to a rocket-propelled grenade launcher to take out their enemies.

Here is a list of the most popular weapons in the history of the GTA series.

Top 5 most popular weapons in the GTA series

5) Chainsaw - GTA Vice City


The chainsaw is a melee weapon introduced in GTA Vice City. This weapon is exceptionally effective against enemies, but they need to be in melee range to be effective. This weapon changed how players saw the GTA series and introduced the gamers to how violent the game Vice City is.

4) Heat-Seeking Missile Launcher - GTA San Andreas


The Heat Seeking Missile Launcher is one of the most useful weapons in GTA San Andreas. The Heat Seeking Missile Launcher, also called the Homing Missile Launcher, is one of the best ways to take out enemies in vehicles and helicopters.

3) Flamethrower - GTA 3


The flamethrower was added to the series in GTA 3, and ever since then, it has been one of the best weapons in the game to take out enemies. The flamethrower comes with decent ammo and a lot of firepower. Although the flamethrower is not very effective against moving cars, the weapon can easily blow up a stationary vehicle.

2) Minigun - GTA Vice City


The Minigun in GTA Vice City is one of the most potent weapons in the whole series. Although the weapon does not have the most lethal bullets in Vice City, the firepower compensates for it. The minigun is very good at taking out vehicles and enemies. The only drawback about the minigun is that it is cumbersome, and players can't run or jump using this weapon.

1) Railgun - GTA 5


The Railgun in GTA 5 is a futuristic weapon that players can get their hands on. Players need to dive into the lake in Blaine County to find a crashed plane that will have the Railgun in it. The Railgun can take out any vehicle or enemy in just one shot. After each shot, the gun needs to be reloaded, but with the power each shot has, it is only understood.

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