What does JP stand for in GTA Online?

GTA Online players are often confused by JP (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA Online players are often confused by JP (Image via Rockstar Games)

One of the more confusing terms in GTA Online is JP. Most players don't really know or care what it stands for.

JP stands for Job Points. It can be seen right next to the user's name in every session. JP is identifiable by the white letters inside an orange circle.

Gamers receive it after they complete jobs in GTA Online. However, it should not be confused with RP, which stands for Reputation Points.

Most players will barely notice JP, mainly focusing on the money they can make. However, JP should not be underestimated by players. It serves a key role in death match playlists.

By the end, users with the most JP will be declared the winner. JP can be attained through several methods.

Explaining JP in GTA Online


JP is vital for death match playlists. It can determine entire matchups without the players realizing it. While it's mainly a background feature, JP has its uses. Here is what GTA 5 players should know about JP.

Job Points


As previously stated, JP stands for Job points. GTA Online players will receive JP after every job. The amount of points depends on how they are placed.

Here's what users can earn for Death Matches and Street Races:

  • First place: 15 Job Points
  • Second place: 12 Job Points
  • Third place: 10 Job Points
  • Fourth place:8 Job Points
  • Fifth place: 7 Job Points
  • Sixth place: 6 Job Points

They can also receive JP by completing missions and winning death matches. Gamers will automatically get 15 points. They also get additional JP if they finish the main objective or become the MVP.

GTA 5 players should note that JP will reset after the end of every session. They always start at zero when they begin a new game, which also applies when swapping different sessions.

Usefulness in playlists


GTA Online users can win a death match playlist if they have the most JP. However, that is not all it can do.

JP serves as a tiebreaker in the job selection menu. Normally, GTA Online players can vote for the next death match. There are cases where the vote ends in a tie. The player with the highest JP will determine it with their vote. Voting ties are always in favor of players with a high JP.

JP is only helpful if the GTA 5 user is doing a long session. It always resets whenever they swap or leave the session.

Difference between JP and RP


JP only serves as a tiebreaker for playlists. Meanwhile, RP stands for Reputation Points. It mainly deals with experience points for players. They can use it to unlock weapons, vehicles, and missions.

GTA Online gamers should not confuse RP with Car Reputation from the LS Car Meet. These are entirely different points systems. Users should also not mistake Reputation Points for GTA RP, which stands for Roleplay.

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