What does Rockstar need to ensure that GTA 6 story is better than GTA 5?

GTA 6 is perhaps the most hyped upcoming game today (Image via ZacCoxTV, YouTube)
GTA 6 is perhaps the most hyped upcoming game today (Image via ZacCoxTV, YouTube)
Viren Mirpuri

GTA 6 has apparently been under development for a while, and players aren't getting over GTA 5 and GTA Online just yet.

The hype for the yet-unannounced title is increasing by the day, and fans are yet to get an official announcement. Rockstar Games has had time to work on GTA 6 since the release of GTA 5, and gamers' expectations are only growing with time.

The longer the developer takes to release GTA 6, the more fans will expect regarding the story, gameplay, mechanics, etc. The much-hyped game is expected to take the gaming industry to the next level when it launches.

Meanwhile, GTA 5 has a storyline where players can play three different protagonists. The plot changes perspective every time they change characters.

The various stories come together at the end, with Franklin deciding the game's outcome: whether to kill Trevor, Michael, or the antagonists.


How Rockstar can make GTA 6 story better than that of GTA 5

The storyline in GTA 5 shifts perspective quite often, which can be a disorienting experience for players trying to get immersed in the game. Having multiple protagonists makes them feel less connected to the character they control.

The game lacked many things when it came to being the best story written by Rockstar, and those aspects need to be taken care of in GTA 6.

The latter should have a linear storyline where gamers' choices should affect its story. Unlike GTA 5, there should be a stronger motive for the protagonist to clear the missions and reach the game's end.

GTA 5 felt like it was loosely tied together in the end with too much happening in the background. Users felt like Michael's story with his family was constantly falling apart, and no one felt too much of a storyline when it came to Trevor, just his insane behavior and antics.

Many also found Franklin to be a duller version of CJ from San Andreas and felt the need for more character (personality) and originality.


Rockstar needs to focus on one character and give the protagonist all the attention it needs. Things like backstory and connections with other characters should not be overlooked.

GTA 5 lacked an antagonist with motive in the game. Steve Haines and Devin Weston had rather peculiar reasons for going against the protagonists. Their interaction with the heroes was very impersonal, and players didn't see any significant reason they were against the game's main characters.

As a result, fans expect GTA 6 to have a deeper story where they get an explanation for the occurrences and connections between the protagonist and the rest of the side characters.

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