When is GTA 6 most likely to be released: 2023 or 2025?

Grand Theft Auto 6 might release earlier than fans expected (Image via Sportskeeda)
Grand Theft Auto 6 might release earlier than fans expected (Image via Sportskeeda)

Since the official confirmation of GTA 6, fans get hyped over whatever tidbits of information come out now and then. There are always some leaks that get them excited, from leaked screenshots to supposed gameplay details.

Although nothing has been made official, several alleged leaks have surfaced over the last few months. This includes leaks as well as predictions regarding the release date. Some think the game will launch in 2023, while others think it might take as long as 2025.

This article investigates these claims to see which release date seems most likely correct.

Note: This article reflects the writer's opinions.

GTA 6 expected release date: Is it coming out in 2023 or in 2025?

2023 release


Tez2's post on GTAForums was one of the first reliable reports of a 2023 release date for GTA 6. Tez2 is renowned in the Grand Theft Auto fan community, as he is often the first source for the latest bits of information on Rockstar Games titles. His leaks and predictions have often been proven accurate, and as a result, most fans have great faith in him.

However, something as big as GTA 6 made many fans skeptical. When Tez2 initially talked about an official game announcement, most refused to believe him. With this being proven true, his credibility has only increased considerably.

He reignited the speculation recently by stating on GTAForums that the upcoming title is merely "a year or a year and a half from release". Well-known video game journalist Jason Schreier also agreed to the 2023 release date rumor after the game was announced.

2025 release


Starting from 2021, Tom Henderson, a reliable insider known for his Battlefield leaks, began leaking details about GTA 6. The most exciting thing to note from his tweets and videos was the alleged release date - 2025. He said that the crunch culture allegations and the global pandemic had hindered progress, which explains the delay.

This argument was reignited recently when rumors about a soft reboot during development came out. However, once again, Tez2 quelled those rumors, citing Jason Schreier's latest statement about a 2023 release date. Earlier, Schreier had agreed to Henderson's claims of a 2025 release.

Henderson himself has shifted to believing in a 2023 release date, and the other two insiders mentioned here are also of the same belief. Matheusvictorbr-, another famous insider who's been leaking information about the game, has also stated the same.


Wouldn't be shocked to see Grand Theft Auto VI announced later this year with a fake release date of "fall 2023" that then slips to 2024…

The most trustworthy sources for information are currently of the opinion that the game will be released in 2023. According to Schreier, it might get pushed back to early-2024 in case of a delay.

There are no concrete sources of information at the moment, and hence fans shouldn't take these speculations as entirely accurate. Judging by what most leakers are stating, Grand Theft Auto 6 seems more likely to launch in 2023 than in 2025.

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