When is GTA Online Halloween update 2021 expected to be released?

Will the 2021 Halloween update be bigger than previous ones? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Will the 2021 Halloween update be bigger than previous ones? (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA Online has been releasing Halloween-themed content every year since 2015. There are still two more weeks to go before Halloween arrives this year, and the update might arrive on October 28.

GTA Online updates are usually released on Thursdays, and Halloween updates for the game are often released before the festival date. A few details have been leaked ahead of the updates. Fans must read on to know about them.

GTA Online: Expected release date for Halloween Surprise 2021, "Phantom Car" random event and more details

An upcoming "Phantom Car" Random Event as part of the "Halloween 2021" event is coming to #GTAOnlineIt appears to be based on the infamous Fiery Fury scene from the 1983 film "Christine", where a Plymouth Fury chases Buddy, in a roar of flames.(1/5)#GTA5 #GTAV #LSTuners

Last month, a GTA data miner @monkeypolice188 revealed a few pieces of information regarding the upcoming Halloween update. Here's what the tweets from this user have reported so far:

  • As part of this year's Halloween update, GTA Online will be getting a "Phantom Car" random event. It is seemingly modelled on John Carpenter's cult-horror classic Christine's iconic Fiery Fury sequence.
  • The scene from the movie involved a 58 Plymouth Fury covered in flames chasing after Buddy. In GTA Online, this scene will be recreated outside the Blaine County Savings Bank. A pedestrian will be run over and set on fire by the vehicle, which will spawn at the bank alongside a robber.
  • The car will be a dark red Tornado Custom with Benny's wheels and an EAB 211 yellow-on-black numberplate. With indestructible parts and sturdy axles, it appears to be explosion- and fire-proof to some extent.
  • Unique flame sounds and effects, as well as a custom detuned horn, are included in the vehicle. The 2015 GTA Online Halloween Update's "Slasher" soundtrack will be the theme song for the event.

Rockstar hasn't officially revealed a release date for this year's Halloween update in GTA Online. However, judging by how updates are usually released on Thursdays, the Halloween update for 2021 might arrive on October 28, as mentioned earlier.

Rockstar hasn't added a new vehicle to the Halloween update since the Western Rampant Rocket was released in 2019. Since the last update introduced numerous cars to the game, it's unlikely that the Halloween update would add any new ones.

Los Santos Tuners has brought a total of 17 new vehicles to GTA Online. Last year, the Casino Lucky Wheel received two upgrades, with the XA-21 and S80RR taking center stage. Neither of them, however, have anything to do with Halloween.

Players will likely be able to earn Double GTA$ and RP prizes in Survival missions, as well as Double GTA$ and RP rewards from Adversary Modes, as is customary with Halloween updates.

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