Where will GTA 6 take place? Vice City and other map possible locations explored

These might be locations featured in Grand Theft Auto 6 (Images via Sportskeeda)
These might be locations featured in Grand Theft Auto 6 (Images via Sportskeeda)

The recent slew of GTA 6 leaks revealed many interesting things about the upcoming game, but one element that always stood out were the locations that fans were able to discover by simply analyzing leaked footage.

These locations are some of the most highly anticipated parts of the upcoming GTA title as they are the environments that players will get to explore once the game is officially released.

Vice City was swiftly confirmed as the primary city of the game, but GTA fans discovered several other sites that may be accessible to players once it is out. This article will dive deeper into potential locations in the upcoming title and provide additional information about them.

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GTA 6 will take place in Vice City and will feature other locations such as Port Gellhorn, Yorktown, etc.

GTA 6 will likely have 2 major cities - Vice City & Port Gellhorn.Port Gellhorn’s police force could be seen in the leaked footage meaning it will be a fairly large location - much bigger than Paleto Bay.#GTAVI #GTA6 #RockstarGames

Gaming Detective posted the above tweet, highlighting two major cities discovered from the leaked footage. It was considerably easier to confirm Vice City in comparison to Port Gellhorn because fans could simply match locations from leaked footage to areas from GTA Vice City.

Another factor to note here is that Vice City in the upcoming title looks quite different from its previous iteration as GTA 6's Vice City seems to be based on contemporary times.

To identify Port Gellhorn, fans had to do a fair amount of digging, such as looking at the initials on police cars featured in the leaked videos, and, according to Gaming Detective, Port Gellhorn is expected to be much larger than Paleto Bay, a prominent location featured in GTA 5.

In any case, these two cities currently have the highest chances of being in the final game whenever it is officially released.

Other locations fans were able to discover from the GTA 6 leaks

List of GTA 6 map locations leak. (And Washington Beach & Yorktown). #GTA6 #LEAK

Thanks to the above tweet from a leaker, interested readers can check out the list of almost all of the locations that fans were able to deduce through the leaked footage. Many of these locations, including Yorktown, Washington Beach, Bocarmar Bridge (name not confirmed yet), and Ekanfinaka were confirmed from road signs visible in the game's leaked footage.

While other areas like Hamlet and Monument of Leonida were mentioned by NPCs, it is safe to say that Grand Theft Auto fans did not leave any stone unturned when it came to identifying locations for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title.

Ocean Beach was easily recognized by players because it was featured in Grand Theft Auto Vice City, whereas Red Hill Forest was discovered through leaked menus.

This forested area may be similar to the Paleto Forest from Grand Theft Auto 5, but will be much larger and more expansive in size and may also contain many activities never featured in the series before.

Veteran Grand Theft Auto players were also able to recognize Little Haiti from the leaked footage as this location was featured prominently in both Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Grand Theft Auto Vice City stories.

The Malibu Club was yet another iconic location that players were able to identify just by comparing what they saw in the leak to its previous iteration from the series. Nevertheless, players should keep in mind that none of these locations have been officially confirmed yet and should be treated as such.

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