Which is the fastest muscle car in GTA Online after the Cayo Perico Heist update?

Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
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Each new big title update to GTA Online brings a whole new fleet of vehicles that take center stage as older cars are swept to the side. This causes a lot of fan-favorite vehicles to become outdated as they are massively outclassed by the influx of new, more powerful vehicles.

One of GTA Online players' favorite cars in the game, the Stromberg, was recently a victim of this with the arrival of the Pegassi Toreador. The new, amphibious assault sports car outclassed Stromberg in every area, essentially making it irrelevant in the process.

GTA Online players seem to love their muscle cars, and each new title update brings hope that new muscle will be added to the game. The category has remained largely unchanged for the most part, with the incumbent staying as such.

With all of Cayo Perico Heist's vehicles now in GTA Online, how does the muscle car category look in 2021?

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The fastest muscle car in GTA Online after the Cayo Perico Heist update


According to stats gathered by GTAbase and Broughy, the Pisswasser Dominator ranks highly amongst muscle cars, with a blister top speed of 126.5 mp/h. While that is mighty impressive, it doesn't always mean that it goes fastest around the circuit.

Muscle cars are notorious for their slightly weighty handling and the proclivity of losing the rear and heading into a drift. The difference between the average lap times of the fastest muscle cars is very minuscule, and it largely depends on what the player feels comfortable with.


In terms of lap times, the Yosemite, Sabre Turbo, and the Clique rank amongst the fastest in GTA Online. But based purely on top speed, the Pisswasser Dominator comes out victorious.

So if a player is in the market for a fast muscle car for racing, then they should not have to look any further than these four as all of them are equally good options.

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