Why bringing Trevor from GTA 5 back in GTA 6 will be a smart move by Rockstar

A new and improved Trevor? (Image via YouTube.com @MrBossFTW)
A new and improved Trevor? (Image via YouTube.com @MrBossFTW)

One of the GTA franchise's most iconic protagonists has got to be Trevor Phillips, and players are dying to see him return for GTA 6 one way or another. GTA 5 would simply not have been the same without Trevor, he is many of the GTA Online players' favorite of the three main story characters. Just imagine what he could do in GTA 6.

While there has been speculation on whether all three of the GTA 5 protagonists will return to GTA 6, there has been no such confirmation.

GTA 6 hopefuls try to imagine the brave new world of GTA 6. Which of their favorite characters from previous GTA games will return in a completely new light? Trevor is hopefully one of them.

GTA 6: Hints from Trevor himself


Trevor's voice actor, Steven Ogg, caused a bit of a stir in October 2019 at the Brazil Game Show when he talked about the release of GTA 6 in 2019 or 2020. Obviously all GTA players know that this was false by now, but it seems like he does know something about the next game.

In other interviews and conversations with Steven Ogg regarding the game, he seems to hint that he could still be involved with the GTA family.

Ogg is quoted as saying that they "have a lot of fun down there," referring to the Rockstar GTA gaming company and the production of the GTA games. Could this be a hint of his continued involvement in GTA 6? No definitive answer has been given as of yet.

Trevor and Steven (Image via YouTube.com @ LaSalle)
Trevor and Steven (Image via YouTube.com @ LaSalle)

Some GTA players confuse the real-life Steven for his character Trevor when meeting him in person, assuming his traits are truly similar. While the actor finds this very funny, he reminds players that he is simply an actor.

GTA 6: Why bring back Trevor?


In GTA 5 Trevor provided players with the funniest protagonist of the entire GTA franchise. For the first time, the players meet Trevor Phillips and realize how dangerous and under the influence he is. He continued this way through much of the game. GTA players will never forget him.

Trevor is by far the most hilarious, un-hinged, and most quotable character in GTA 5. This, and so many other reasons, is why all GTA fans hope to see Trevor again in GTA 6.

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