Why the Buzzard is one of the most essential vehicles in GTA Online

A look at why the Buzzard is one of the crucial vehicles in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
A look at why the Buzzard is one of the crucial vehicles in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
Rahul Bhushan

The Buzzard is not only going to be one of the fastest ways to get across the map in GTA Online, but it also saves the player's skin multiple times. As it just so happens, players will need to be doing those two things on repeat, getting across the map and saving their skins.

This is why it makes sense for every player to own a Buzzard in GTA Online. The game is simply brimming with all sorts of flashy, powerful vehicles that essentially beckon players towards them, selling them on either looks or utility. Players would be much better off buying vehicles and weapons purely for their utility, as appearances will only get them killed in GTA Online.

The Buzzard, being a no-nonsense Attack Chopper capable of dishing out heavy damage, is simply one of the crucial vehicles in-game, and here's why.

Why the Buzzard so vital in GTA Online



As mentioned previously, players will need to dart across the map quite quickly to make boatloads of cash in GTA Online. Businesses require players to complete missions all over the map, and players might find that roadways aren't exactly the fastest route.

This is where the Buzzard comes in, with its high-speed rotors and surprisingly light frame. It essentially enables this chopper to fly through the air faster than any land vehicle ever could and allows players to cut distances by a long margin.

This results in players being able to make money faster, always a plus in GTA Online. On top of that, next to the Sparrow, the Buzzard is one of the most nimble aircraft a user can get in-game.



In terms of weaponry, the Buzzard Attack Chopper is no slouch either, as it packs all the necessary tools to dish out damage to both land vehicles and other aircraft. It includes the following in terms of firepower:

  1. Miniguns
  2. Missiles

While that might not sound like much, combined with its agility, it can dish out damage while being able to dodge a ton as well. Homing Missiles can easily be avoided, given just how agile the Buzzard is.

The chopper might not be all that impressive in terms of armor, but it can take about a couple of shots from a Heavy Sniper before exploding into flames. The pilot is exposed quite clearly in the cockpit, which might make them susceptible to snipers.

But if players are smart enough, they will know not to engage any enemies on the ground when going about their business in GTA Online.

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