Why grinding will always be better than Shark Cards in GTA Online

By design, GTA Online is meant to be an uneven playing field (Image via Microsoft)
By design, GTA Online is meant to be an uneven playing field (Image via Microsoft)
Rahul Bhushan

It takes only a couple of weeks for a GTA Online player to throw their controller across the room after being obliterated by an Oppressor MKII for the 100th time.

Newer players, in particular, constantly have to avoid Freemode in GTA Online or restrict themselves to playing in solo lobbies or in the Passive Mode.

By design, GTA Online is meant to be an uneven playing field, pitting stronger higher-level players against newbies in the same lobby. This results in the new player getting outclassed at almost every turn. Such a situation will either motivate them to play the game smarter or force them to resort to Shark Cards.

While the former will help them become better players eventually, choosing the latter is essentially accepting defeat.

Why Shark Cards are not worth it in GTA Online


Grinding essentially refers to the way GTA Online players have to work towards their goals through sheer determination.

While achieving goals through hard work may take longer than simply buying up Shark Cards, it will ultimately be more rewarding, and players will have a deeper understanding of the game.

By using Shark Cards, the player reaps all the benefits of progression in GTA Online without actually putting in the work. This means that the player will lack the skills that gets other players to the same point in the game.

To put Shark Cards into perspective, players will essentially be paying to not play a game that they've paid money for.

Several notable GTA Online streamers and content creators have been trying to drive home the point that Shark Cards are ultimately worthless.


A brilliant video by The Professional details why Shark Cards are not worth it.

The video highlights that players can make the same amount of money offered in the most expensive Shark Card a lot quicker than one would expect.

Therefore, Shark Cards should be the last thing that players should opt for as GTA Online offers enough tools for them to make a lot of cash in any given situation.

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