Why GTA Online's Hangar is worth getting after The Last Dose update

Some players will love this property
Some players will love this property (Image via Rockstar Games)

A Hangar is a property in GTA Online that can give players millions of dollars per Sell Mission. That amazing figure doesn't even require event weeks to be this profitable. The only downside is that Air Freight Cargo Sell Missions can be difficult for unskilled pilots. Nonetheless, anybody dedicated to flying a plane won't find many moneymakers better than what's available through the Hangar business.

For example, one could potentially earn $7.8 million in a public lobby with many players in it outside of an event week. That's pretty challenging since Public Sessions usually have at least one person willing to grief. Players can still approximately $5 million if they ignore the High Demand bonus.

The Hangar is an excellent moneymaker in GTA Online (as of The Last Dose update)

The above Reddit post is an old example of a player making over $7.8 million through a single Sell Mission involving 50 crates. Other businesses won't make nearly as much on their Sell Missions, making this a major reason to get the Hangar in GTA Online. Basically, anybody interested in putting in work for this grind will be well-rewarded for their efforts.

The following video also reveals how simple one of the Sell Missions can be for this business while earning a ton of money in the process.


Money is the most important resource in GTA Online. Any business that can help get players richer is worth getting. In this case, the Hangar is clearly one of the best potential investments currently available in the game as of The Last Dose update.

Still, there are other benefits worth discussing in the following sections of this article since not every advantage is tied solely to money. There are some legitimately unique aspects of this business that other properties cannot replicate.

Other advantages of a Hangar in GTA Online

Unsurprisingly, storing aircraft is one of the benefits (Image via Rockstar Games)
Unsurprisingly, storing aircraft is one of the benefits (Image via Rockstar Games)

Here is a list of benefits associated with this property:

  • Access to Fort Zancudo without Wanted Levels: This benefit only applies if you purchase this property in Fort Zancudo and not in LSIA. Nonetheless, having free access to a military base with a nearby P-996 LAZER.
  • Aircraft Workshop: Being able to customize planes and helicopters is nice, especially since no other property is capable of doing that.
  • Storing aircraft: Getting vehicles from this property is much more convenient than calling Pegasus to deliver them to select locations.
  • Free weapons: A Homing Launcher, Heavy Sniper, and a Parachute are available to pick up here.

Any of the three Fort Zancudo Hangars is worth getting. GTA Online players are advised to avoid the LSIA locations since their lower prices aren't as useful as free access to Fort Zancudo. Of course, the aforementioned Sell Missions' profitability would likely be one of the main selling points for most gamers.

All of these reasons ultimately point to this property being one of the best businesses to buy in GTA Online. Unless the player plans to get their money via a different means and doesn't care about aircraft in general, there's no reason not to own a Hangar.

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