Why the Hangar is one of the best businesses in GTA Online after Los Santos Drug Wars update

Hangars have went from the worst business to one of the best
Hangars have went from the worst business to one of the best (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Hangar has become the most underrated business regarding the sheer amount of money you can make in GTA Online, all thanks to the Los Santos Drug Wars update. For those who might have forgotten, the patch notes stated the following:

"GTA$ and RP rewards for Smuggler's Run Sell Missions have been tripled."

Smuggler's Run Sell Missions is what happens when players sell Air Freight Cargo, which is how players make money from the Hangar in GTA Online. There used to be a time when this business was considered the worst moneymaker in the entire game, but that sentiment has changed since the Los Santos Drug Wars update.

The Hangar business makes you a lot of money in GTA Online since Los Santos Drug Wars update

If the tweet's table is too small for you to read, here is a brief summary of the max revenue you can get from each type of cargo based on Tez2's data:

  • Counterfeit Goods: $4,470,000
  • Counterfeit Goods (High Demand with 22 players): $6,928,500
  • Tobacco & Alcohol: $4,470,000
  • Tobacco & Alcohol (High Demand with 22 players): $6,928,500
  • Jewelry & Gemstones: $4,770,000
  • Jewelry & Gemstones (High Demand with 22 players): $7,393,500
  • Arts & Antiques: $4,770,000
  • Arts & Antiques (High Demand with 22 players): $7,393,500
  • Animal Materials: $4,770,000
  • Animal Materials (High Demand with 22 players): $7,393,500
  • Medical Supplies: $5,070,000
  • Medical Supplies (High Demand with 22 players): $7,858,500
  • Chemicals: $5,070,000
  • Chemicals (High Demand with 22 players): $7,858,500
  • Narcotics: $5,070,000
  • Narcotics (High Demand with 22 players): $7,858,500

It is possible to get these values as a solo player, although inexperienced pilots will have difficulty. If you manage to die by accident, try to exit the game as soon as possible and try again later. Some might even leave if they see a Hangar Sell Mission they don't like, such as the one involving the Mogul.

Ideally, players will have friends helping them out. The amount of money that players see in the above list is far better than what most other moneymakers can offer.

The above Reddit post is an example of a player making $7,858,500 by selling Medical Supplies with a High Demand bonus. That Redditor claimed to have done it with a friend, and it's proof that Tez2's data from the previous section is accurate.

Do remember that GTA Online players still need to do the Source Missions to consistently do these amazing Sell Missions. That can take players a few hours to complete, depending on their efficiency and whether they have friends helping them out.


Ultimately, the Hangar is a business that GTA Online players should seriously consider due to its buff in the Los Santos Drug Wars update. There is a strong case for it being arguably the best property in the game, especially for experienced pilots who won't have any issues completing the Sell Missions.

Rockstar Games has sometimes given away free Air Freight Cargo before, which can save time from doing Source Missions. It is worth noting that GTA Online players should purchase one of the three Hangars in Fort Zancudo since that's the only way to get clearance in that military base.

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