Why GTA Online's Tempesta is still worth buying in 2024

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The Tempesta is quite a powerful car even years after its addition (Image via Rockstar Games || Striking_Dingo1129/Reddit)

Some cars in the ever-growing virtual world of GTA Online still offer great value in return, like the Pegassi Tempesta. Rockstar Games added the two-seater supercar with the 2016 Import/Export update, yet it remains one of the most popular vehicles in the game even in 2024, and for good reasons.

This article will look at Tempesta’s performance, visual design, and what makes it so special that players should buy it ahead of the upcoming Summer Update 2024.

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What makes Pegassi Tempesta in GTA Online so special? (2024)


GTA Online’s Tempesta has a V8 engine with a six-speed gearbox in a mid-engine, AWD layout. The automobile has a reputation for being an all-around car with excellent performance in the supercar class.

According to the tests by Broughy1322, the Pegassi Tempesta can reach a top speed of 121.25 mph (195.13 km/h), which is fairly decent for a non-HSW vehicle. Moreover, it can complete a lap in an average time of 1:00.803, making it one of the quickest cars without HSW Upgrades. These factors make it one of the best rides for day-to-day hustle in Los Santos, even in 2024.

The pure power of the Tempesta in GTA Online can go toe-to-toe with other supercars like X80 Proto and RE-7B. Additionally, it possesses excellent cornering capability, making it a great choice for those new to the chaotic streets of Los Santos.

For the game's veterans, the GTA Online Tempesta is an old gem that must be collected, if they haven’t already. Thankfully, Rockstar didn’t include it in the list of removed vehicles from the game. Hence, players can visit Legendary Motorsport anytime and buy the supercar for a price of $1,329,000. The developers also throw some discounts on vehicles, so if you find this ride on sale, don’t miss it.

More about Pegassi Tempesta in Grand Theft Auto Online

A fan-clicked picture of Pegassi Tempesta in Los Santos (Image via Rockstar Games || VinnetouCZE/GTAForums)
A fan-clicked picture of Pegassi Tempesta in Los Santos (Image via Rockstar Games || VinnetouCZE/GTAForums)

It is one of those vehicles that resembles a couple of real-life automobiles rather than relying on one model. While the automobile has taken primary inspiration from the Lamborghini Huracán, some of its parts are derived from the following:

Lamborghini Centenario – Rear arches and side intakes

2nd-generation Ford GT – Side skirts and side profiling

2010 Lotus Esprit concept – Rear fascia, including rear windscreen

2013 Lotus Elan concept – Front fascia, especially the headlights

Liberty Walk diffuser for the Huracán – Diffuser

Mansory AC.5 – Stock wheels

Keep in mind that if the vehicle returns in the next title in the series, Grand Theft Auto 6, its design will likely be changed with newer models.

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With the big GTA Online update adding new cars every year, it’s best to collect classic ones before moving to Vice City next year.

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