Why GTA Online The Contract DLC is really addictive

The Contract is the latest DLC to be added to GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
The Contract is the latest DLC to be added to GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

Rockstar has released The Contract DLC to GTA Online this month and players have reacted quite positively to it. It brings in plenty of new content, including the usual weapons and vehicles, but it also adds some surprising things to the game.

This includes the ability to play as Franklin and Lamar, and a decent way to earn money quickly. As a result, The Contract update has kept GTA Online players engaged.

GTA Online The Contract: What features of the recent update has made it so addictive for players?


The most addictive aspect of The Contract has been the missions that come with the new property, the Agency. Once players have purchased an agency building, they can complete various types of Security Contracts and Payphone Hits. These missions are accessible via the office computer at the Agency.

Security Contracts


Security Contracts are Free Mode jobs that CEOs, VIPs, and MC Club presidents can complete in any session type. Every time the player logs onto the computer, three new contracts are generated at random. There are six types of Security Contracts available in GTA Online: The Contract, which are as follows:

  • Asset Protection
  • Gang Termination
  • Liquidize Assets
  • Recover Valuables
  • Rescue Operation
  • Vehicle Recovery

Players will be rewarded with money and vehicle Trade Price unlocks (for the new cars) upon completion of Security Contracts. These will vary depending on the mission.

Payphone Hits


Franklin Clinton gives the GTA Online player insider-trading assassination missions, much like how Lester gave Franklin similar missions in GTA 5. These missions are without a doubt one of the most appealing ways to make money in the game, and players have become addicted to them.

They are a great way to quickly earn money in the game, as each mission can net a maximum of $85,000 if all objectives are met. These missions must be completed in 15 minutes or less, with a 20-minute cooldown period after each mission.

Here's the complete list of Payphone Hit missions in GTA Online:

  • The CEO
  • The Cofounder
  • The Dealers
  • The Hitmen
  • The Judge
  • The Popstar
  • The Tech Entrepreneur
  • The Trolls

Short Trips


These are a set of three co-op missions for two players that are unlocked once the main storyline for The Contract is finished. GTA Online protagonists will get a call to visit the Record A Studios shortly after finishing The Dr. Dre Contract.

They can then visit the studio's Smoking Room and smoke the special strain to play as Franklin and Lamar. This has been the biggest surprise for GTA Online players, one which has been appreciated by the majority of them.

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