Why Nightclubs in GTA Online are one of the best properties players can buy 

A screenshot of a player inside of a Nightclub
A screenshot of a GTA Online player inside a Nightclub (Image via Rockstar Games)

A Nightclub is an excellent property to own for a multitude of reasons. Most notably, GTA Online players will get access to the best passive moneymaker in the game. Not only that, but they will also get:

  • The biggest garages in the game
  • Access to the Terrorbyte, which can modify the Oppressor Mk II (even if it is nerfed)
  • Additional Sell Missions

It's an exceptionally easy business to run for even the most casual type of player. The only requirement to keep the passive income high is to do a quick mission, most of which can happen in the building, thanks to Marcel frequently giving players a text.

Nightclubs are an excellent business to run in GTA Online

Any location will suffice (Image via Rockstar Games)
Any location will suffice (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online players can go to and choose to purchase a Nightclub in any of the following locations:

  • Cypress Flats: $1,370,000
  • Del Perro: $1,645,000
  • Downtown Vinewood: $1,670,000
  • Elysian Island: $1,080,000
  • La Mesa: $1,500,000
  • LSIA: $1,135,000
  • Mission Row: $1,440,000
  • Strawberry: $1,525,000
  • Vespucci Canals: $1,320,000
  • West Vinewood: $1,700,000

Do keep in mind that purchasing any of these locations will suffice when it comes to earning passive income. There isn't anything additional to buy if a player is solely interested in the safe's ability to generate money.

The safe where money is usually stored (Image via Rockstar Games)
The safe where money is usually stored (Image via Rockstar Games)

New GTA Online players should know the following about how the wall safe works in this property:

  • Money isn't automatically delivered to the player's account. Instead, they must go to the safe and pick it up.
  • Gamers can earn up to $50,000 per in-game day.
  • The amount of cash that players get from this safe is based on the popularity of the establishment, which is visible on the bottom right when they're in the office.

Players can complete Management Missions to boost the business's popularity by:

  • Using the computer and selecting the Promote Nightclub option.
  • Calling Tony Prince to do a mission.
  • Doing what Marcel texts the player to do.

Players won't have to constantly do Management Missions to keep passive income high. Hence, one can do anything else in the meantime as this business continues to give them easy money.

Other things to consider


The garages in any Nightclub have a maximum vehicle capacity of 36 vehicles, which is more than what any other property has in comparison. Thus, anybody who loves to buy vehicles and store them in a single place will likely love this property's several garages.

The next best property when it comes to vehicle capacity is the Arena Workshop, which doesn't provide GTA Online players with much else sans dead content that people rarely utilize.


Similarly, Sell Missions are another great way to earn money. GTA Online players basically pay a one-time fee to hire a technician and then assign that technician to sourcing items for a business relevant to the properties that the players own. This part is largely passive and doesn't require much thought, as the only active part is the actual Sell Mission.

Excellent passive income, huge garages, and an additional moneymaker all make Nightclubs worth purchasing in GTA Online.

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