Why GTA Online players should buy the Oppressor Mk2 in Feb 2022

The Oppressor Mk2 is still a Solid Option in GTA Online (Image via GTA Base)
The Oppressor Mk2 is still a Solid Option in GTA Online (Image via GTA Base)
Somawk Banerjee

GTA Online players have always had a love-hate relationship with the Oppressor Mk2. That is to say that those without the Oppressor Mk2 probably hate it the most, because it happens to be the most-preferred vehicle of griefers that run rampant on almost every lobby.

The Mk2 is otherwise a very handy vehicle. It is a bike that can fly, hover, shoot lock-on missiles and do loads of other things. Here’s an overview to help newer players.

The Oppressor Mk2's Functionality in GTA Online


The in-game world of GTA Online is full of businesses, and to make money, players have to own them. Every business has its own specific model and tasks to be carried out. Most of these tasks involve a lot of traveling and plenty of killing. Players can travel in a normal car or bike, but dealing with traffic and other players online is time-consuming and dangerous.

Having the Mk2 in these circumstances helps a lot. Players can fly from Point A to B, which takes traffic out of the equation. Then comes the part where they sometimes need to annihilate NPC armies to get the job done. Making money is a grind, and the quicker it's done, the better it is. The Oppressor literally chews through waves of enemies and their vehicles, and players don’t even have to get off it once.



The only downside to owning an Oppressor Mk2 is the price wall it’s locked behind. Eventually, though, it pays for itself several times over. To obtain the vehicle, players need to follow a few steps to do it the right way, but the game loves to make things a little complicated.

Buying the stock Mk2 from Warstock Cache and Carry will cost players roughly $3.8 million. Players can unlock the trade price for it, however.

To do this, players need to buy the Terrorbyte vehicle, which can only be bought once a GTA Online player owns a Nightclub. This might seem pointless, as the nightclub and Terrorbyte together cost $3.5 million (this includes the Terrorbyte's Specialized Workshop upgrade).

After getting the Terrorbyte, the Oppressor’s trade price ($1 million cheaper) will be unlocked. This basically means that players can get the base Terrorbyte — a very useful vehicle as it serves as a mobile base of operations for all businesses — for free.


The Oppressor Mk2 may be a GTA Online griefer’s best friend, but it is also a great multi-functional vehicle. Flying above the rest of the lobby will make life a lot easier and the grind for the Oppressor will be worth it in the end.

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