Why the Special Carbine is the best assault rifle in GTA Online

Inpired by the Heckler & Koch G36C (Image via Sportskeeda)
Inpired by the Heckler & Koch G36C (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA Online is full of weapons that players just love to use. Every gamer has their weapon of choice when it comes to pistols, explosives or assault rifles. When looking at the assault rifles in the game, many players can agree on which one is the best.

The Special Carbine rifle is one of the most popular and most used rifles in the game. Even before the advent of MKII weapon upgrades.

This article will discuss why so many players think that the Special Carbine is the best assault rifle in GTA Online.

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The Special Carbine is a go-to for most GTA Online fans


The Special Carbine was brought into the game as part of a business update. It is one of the first weapons many GTA Online players choose as their default assault rifle.

The weapon has a fairly good range and and it is quite accurate. With its bullet spray not being too wide, gamers will rarely miss their targets. The original magazine holds 30 rounds but is easily upgraded to an extended clip of 60 rounds, doubling the damage players can cause.

In addition to the extended clip attachment, players can also choose to add a flashlight, suppressor, grip and scope. While the flashlight does not make any difference to the performance of the Special Carbine rifle, the supressor and grip can be useful. Adding the supressor obviously improves the players' stealth, and the grip will help to improve the weapon's accuracy.

Upgrading the Special Carbine to MKII only makes it better


After the 2017 Gunrunning update, GTA Online players were able to upgrade certain weapons to MKII status. This meant that certain weapons could be improved with upgrades at any weapons workshop the players own.

Upgrading the Special Carbine rifle to MKII will cost players $135,000. This is not a huge amount of money to spend to make a player's favorite rifle even better. MKII weapons have improved damage and accuracy, as well as some other impressive features.

Once players own the Special Carbine MKII they will notice its spread and recoil have decreased even further, making it the perfect assault rifle to use for multiple headshot kills and quick gunfights.

After upgrading the Special Carbine, the players now have different types of rounds of ammunition to choose from. GTA Online players must first do enough research at their Bunker properties to unlock certain aspects of the MKII weapon upgrades. Once done, the players can choose from four new ammunition types: tracer rounds, incendiary rounds, armor piercing rounds and full metal jacket rounds.

For the reasons above, the Special Carbine is still the first choice for many gamers going into battle. The accuracy and damage is exactly what veteran GTA fans are looking for. This makes it the best assault rifle in GTA Online.

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