Ronnie Coleman Shares Predictions For 2022 Olympia, Congratulates Big Ramy on Third Title

Ronnie Coleman Shares Predictions for 2022 Olympia (Image via Instagram @ronniecoleman8 @moriauphoto @hadi_choopan @brandon__curry)
Ronnie Coleman Shares Predictions for 2022 Olympia (Image via Instagram @ronniecoleman8 @moriauphoto @hadi_choopan @brandon__curry)

Ronnie Coleman a.k.a "The King" shared his predictions for the 2022 Olympia. Breaking down the strengths and weaknesses of qualified athletes one by one, Ronnie Coleman revealed his picks for the top ten in the Men's Open Division. This year's Mr. Olympia will take place at the beautiful Venetian Expo and Convention Center from December 15 to 18, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

An eight-time consecutive Mr. Olympia champion, Ronnie enthralled fans worldwide with his titanic physique, amazing conditioning, and superior genetics. Along with Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman ushered in the mass monster era in bodybuilding—weighing nearly 300 lb at 5'11", he was the unmistakeable champion. His friendly rivalry with Jay Cutler, and their epic clashes in the 2000s are still talked about in bodybuilding circles. Although retired, Ronnie Coleman is among the most influential and inspiring athletes in the strength world—with a 5.3 million following on Instagram and a YouTube channel with 1.5 million subscribers. He also owns a successful supplement and clothing line.

Ronnie Coleman Predictions for the 2022 Olympia

In a YouTube video posted on his official channel, Ronnie Coleman gave a detailed breakdown of top athletes and shared his predictions regarding their placings.


Nick Walker

One of the best rookies to enter the sport, Nick has already announced himself as a potential Mr. Olympia with a string of victories last year, including the New York Pro and Arnold Classic Ohio. He finished fifth at his first ever Olympia last year, and will be aiming for a podium finish.

“He has pretty decent V-taper. He’s got great shoulders and great arms. As far as his chest—he got a decent-sized chest just needs to be a little bit wider. For the most part—yeah, he needs to work on his conditioning and [then] he’s going to do pretty good against these current competitors.”

Ronnie Coleman began the video by analyzing Nick "The Mutant" Walker's physique. While noting that Nick has great arms and shoulders, Coleman also advised him to work on his conditioning and V-taper.

Hunter Labrada

The son of bodybuilding legend Lee Labrada, Hunter is a bigger, more muscular version of his father. He will look to improve upon his fourth-place finish at the 2021 Olympia.

“Hunter, he’s got a pretty decent V-taper here. I think he needs to work on his separation and he’ll do pretty good. His back probably needs a little bit more width on it. His arms could use a little bit more peak. I think once he gets his separation going, once he works on his hamstrings, he’ll have some nice hamstrings. But for the most part, he got a pretty good wide back but he probably needs to be just a little bit more wider because his V-taper isn’t all that good right now.”

According to Ronnie Coleman, Hunter needs to improve his bicep peak and work on adding width to his back. Improving his V-taper and seperation are other gems of advice Ronnie has for the young athlete.

Blessing Awodibu

Hailing from Ireland, Blessing is renowned for his esthetic physique and tiny waist. He is a successful bodybuilder who holds 2 Arnold Classic titles, along with 4 IFBB Overall Champion titles. An Instagram star with close to 2 million followers, he is also famous for his funny antics and comedic videos.

“Blessing has got great abs for the most part. I say he needs a little bit more roundness on his arms. He’s got decent-sized arms. A lot of trap work. His traps aren’t too good right here but I think if he can get his traps up, get some roundness on him arms, a little bit more separation on his legs—he’d be pretty good there.”

Ronnie Coleman complemented Blessing on his perfect ab genetics and development. However, Blessing needs to bring up his arms, upper chest, and traps for any chance to stand against the likes of Big Ramy or Michal Krizo.

Michal Krizo

The 5'9" 130 kg Slovakian earned his IFBB Pro Card with a dominating victory at the 2022 Amateur Olympia Italy. Jay Cutler, former 4-time Mr. Olympia champion has said that Krizo has the "craziest arms" he has ever seen, and that Krizo's muscle fibers are unlike anything in today's generation.

“Michal Krizo—this is the new guy right here. Krizo got some freaky arms right there. Nice and big chest, he needs some width on it, I’d say. I don’t see a lot of width on his back—that’s not a good back shot right there. He don’t have a v-taper going right there [on the back]. Now, I see, he has arms though, but they are kind of throwing off his physique. He’s got these big ol’ arms, big forearms, but I think once he gets his back to be a little bit wider, he’ll have a real awesome physique.”

However, Ronnie Coleman is not very impressed by all the hype. While agreeing with Jay about the "freaky arms," Ronnie would like to see Krizo add more width to his back and improve his V-taper.

Hadi Choopan

The 5'7" 220 lb Iranian is one of the complete bodybuilders on the planet right now. The third-place finisher at the Olympia last year, he will be looking to earn the coveted top spot.

“Next guy up: my friend Hadi Choopan. Hadi’s got a real nice V-taper there, you know I like that a lot. Nice shoulders right there, nice traps and everything on him. Nice arms on him. I think once Hadi gets his arms to be a little bit more round, he’ll have a great physique. Not too much bad going on here.
He’s got a real separation in his legs, striations in his legs like Jay [Cutler] got. Hadi—I see great things ahead for him. This guy can probably win the Olympia once he puts it all together. He’s not that far off at all. Hadi… keep it up my man,” says Ronnie Coleman.

According to Ronnie Coleman, Hadi has the right genetics, size, and structure to be a future champion. Based on his comments, Ronnie seems to compare Hadi to Jay Cutler, and advises him to continue with his current plan.

Big Ramy

Mamdouh Mohammed Hassan Elssbiay, better known as Big Ramy, dominated the Olympia stage in 2020 and 2021. Based on recent updates, the Egyptian athlete looks ready to win his third consecutive title at the 2022 Olympia.

"With all this size, and the great V-taper he got here, biggest shoulders you’ve ever wanted to see—I don’t see nobody taking him out—nobody at all. So, Big Ramy, congrats on your third Olympia my friend, I think you’re going to take it again.”

According to Ronnie Coleman, Big Ramy is the clear winner this year. Outsizing everyone on stage, Ramy has a tight waist and an insane V-taper. Ronnie also went on to congratulate Ramy on his third victory, even though the competition is weeks away. Will Ronnie's predictions come true?

William Bonac

The 40-year-old Ghanaian bodybuilder won the Boston Pro earlier this year. Having finished sixth at the Olympia last year, he will be looking to improve his conditioning and presentation this time around.

“My buddy William Bonac. Bonac has always had awesome shape, great V-taper, got great shoulders on him, nice chest on him, nice arms on him, nice side shot right here. Good separation in his legs. I think once he gets his back just a little bit more thicker and a little bit more wider, he can probably win the Olympia too."

Ronnie Coleman expects William Bonac to be a dark horse this year, and thinks he has the capacity to win the 2022 Olympia. Ronnie wants him to work on his back thickness and width—a feature that helped Ronnie win eight straight titles.

Andrew Jacked

Chinedu Andrew Jacked is a Nigerian bodybuilder and fitness coach who lives in the UAE. Having started bodybuilding in 2007, he came into the public eye through a video posted by Larry Wheels. Recently, he won the 2022 Arnold Classic UK and 2022 Texas Pro.

“Andrew has a nice physique going here. He’s got nice arms on him. The only thing I can tell he needs to work on is his back. That comes in time. As you can see, he’s got a nice back shot right there. You get that bad boy separated and a little bit more thicker in his upper back—he will be hard to beat."

Ronnie thinks Andrew has the potential to win the Olympia in the future. However, Andrew will have to work on his upper back thickness.

Toward the end of the video, Ronnie Coleman shared his predictions for the Top 10 athletes at the 2022 Olympia.

  • Winner: Big Ramy
  • Second Place: Brandon Curry
  • Third Place: Hadi Choopan
  • Fourth Place: William Bonac
  • Fifth Place: Nick Walker
  • Sixth Place: Michal Krizo
  • Seventh Place: Andrew Jacked
  • Eighth Place: Hunter Labrada
  • Ninth Place: Blessing Awodibu
  • Tenth Place: Shaun Clarida

Who do you think will be placed first at the 2022 Olympia? Share your thoughts below.

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