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WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Friday Night SmackDown (27th March 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 28, 2020 08:22 IST

What message will Wyatt have for Cena?


07:29 (IST)28 MAR 2020

There was a lot of set up for Mania matches this week. However, considering reports, it seems like a lot of the SmackDown matches may not take place as originally planned. We'll have to see what happens on the final episode of SmackDown before Mania next week to know what the full card will be. 

07:27 (IST)28 MAR 2020

WWE officials reveal that, at WrestleMania, Miz & Morrison will have to defend their titles against The Usos and the New Day at WrestleMania in a triple threat tag team ladder match. 

07:26 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Match ends in a No Contest after interference from Miz & Morrison. 

07:26 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Jimmy and Jey get sent to the floor by Kingston, who dives over the ropes with the trust fall. Jimmy is taken out while Miz & Morrison start the "Miz & Morrison" dance on the table. Kingston drops Morrison, and Jey dives onto Miz. 

Big E takes advantage, hitting a spear through the ropes on Jey. As he sends Jey inside, he's attacked by the Tag Team Champions, forcing the DQ. 

07:24 (IST)28 MAR 2020

07:23 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Big E rolls in and sets up Afternoon Delight, but Jey avoids the stomp from Kofi. Jimmy sends Kofi into the ring post and Big E eats a superkick for a near fall. 

07:23 (IST)28 MAR 2020

07:22 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Kofi fights out of it and hits the SOS. Two-count. 

07:22 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Trouble in Paradise is avoided, and Jey traps Kofi in a nasty single leg Boston Crab. 

07:21 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Jimmy tags in and is immediately planted with a uranage. Kofi and Jey tag back in and Kofi lights up Jey before hitting the Boom Drop. 

07:20 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Back from the break and The Usos have turned the tables on the New Day. A double Samoan Drop sets up the running hip attack from Jey. 

07:16 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Kofi tags back in but gets dropped on the ropes with a double team Stun Gun. However, Kofi managed to make it to Big E, who took out Jey and Jimmy in a two-on-one beatdown. 

07:14 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Jey and Big E tag in with the big man easily overpowering Jey. 

07:13 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Jimmy Uso and Kofi Kingston start the match, with Kofi landing on his feet out of a monkey flip. Jimmy sends him into the turnbuckle, but he rebounds with a dropkick. 

07:12 (IST)28 MAR 2020

07:11 (IST)28 MAR 2020

The Miz & John Morrison are set to defend their titles at WrestleMania. Tonight, the New Day and The Usos face off once again to see who will challenge the champs. 

07:09 (IST)28 MAR 2020

07:03 (IST)28 MAR 2020

The rabbit was blended into the concoction, which Wyatt drank. It gave him an idea. There needs to be something more than some "ordinary" match. The Fiend has challenged Cena to a Firefly Fun House Match at WrestleMania. 

07:02 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Bray Wyatt tells the "Old" Bray Wyatt that he failed against John Cena. However, now he knows what he must do to take down the 16-time Champion. A smoothie full of self-loathing, rage and resentment, hot sauce, and "irrelevant opinions" courtesy of Rambling Rabbit. 

07:00 (IST)28 MAR 2020

It's Firefly Fun House time!!!

07:00 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Backstage, Mandy Rose asks Dolph Ziggler why he's going out of his way to hurt Otis. Ziggler apologized for rubbing the pictures in his face, but said he deserves it for standing her up on Valentine's Day. 

06:58 (IST)28 MAR 2020

06:58 (IST)28 MAR 2020

06:52 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Triple H is asked about Goldberg and Roman Reigns, claiming that Goldberg's intensity is unmatched, but it only lasts for a short while. On the other hand, Roman Reigns seems to get stronger as the match moves on. His money is on Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. 

06:49 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Roman Reigns defeats Triple H via pinfall. 

06:49 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Steph hands the Game the sledgehammer, but Reigns hammers him with two Superman Punches and a super Spear for the win. 

06:48 (IST)28 MAR 2020

06:48 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Superman Punch connects only for the Spear to be countered with a running knee. 

06:47 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Reigns kicks out of a Pedigree as Stepanie falls to the floor. 

06:46 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Stephanie yanks the ref out of the ring to stop the count. Immediate karma, however, as when Roman goes for another spear, Triple H moves out of harm's way, leading to Roman spearing Stephanie. 

06:45 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Reigns counters a Pedigree, sending Trips to the floor with a back body drop. As he runs in for a dive, Triple H gets to the apron and rocks him with a right hand. As he gets in the ring, Reigns cuts him down with a Spear. 

06:41 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Roman Reigns spears Triple H through the barricade, getting a pop from the crowd. As it should, it's awesome. 

06:39 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Triple H rolls to the floor to avoid the Superman Punch. Reigns responds by launching himself off the steps for a flying clothesline. Roman chants kick-off, but are immediately squashed. 

06:38 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Back from commercial break and we've skipped a fair amount of time in the match. Reigns catches Trips coming off the turnbuckle, rocking him with an uppercut. Samoan Drop gives the Big Dog a two-count. 

06:34 (IST)28 MAR 2020

The Roman hatewagon has pretty much left at this point. Is everybody ready to admit the guy deserves his status and put on a lot of great matches? 

06:33 (IST)28 MAR 2020

I haven't seen this since it took place, but I remember loving it.

06:31 (IST)28 MAR 2020

The Game tries to big-boy Roman, but that doesn't work. At first. Eventually he launches Reigns over the ropes, and that gets a huge pop from the crowd. 

06:28 (IST)28 MAR 2020

The replay match of the night is Triple H and Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 32. And they did NOT adjust that crowd reaction. 

06:27 (IST)28 MAR 2020

06:27 (IST)28 MAR 2020

06:20 (IST)28 MAR 2020

With that, you have to assume that Bliss and Cross could be in line for a tag team title match in the future. WrestleMania? 

06:20 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Alexa Bliss defeats Asuka via pinfall. 

06:19 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Alexa backs Asuka into the corner to counter the Asuka Lock. The Bliss DDT plants the Emperor of Tomorrow, giving Bliss the win. 

06:19 (IST)28 MAR 2020

06:19 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Wasn't much of an escape, as Bliss tosses her back first into the LED screen on the apron. 

06:18 (IST)28 MAR 2020

Avoiding an attack in the corner, Bliss takes out Asuka with a clothesline and a series of right hands. A dropkick and a double knee drop to the gut forces Asuka to retreat to the floor. 
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