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Minecraft Slime

Slimes are rare hostile mobs that spawn underground are found below “Y” level 40. Their appearance consists of a big green cuboid body while their behavior is restricted to moving by hopping once every 10 to 30 ticks. These untamable creatures spawn in three different sizes, with the larger and medium slimes splitting into smaller ones on being killed. In contrast, killing smaller slimes drops slimeballs. To make a slime farm, locate a slime chunk, and then make a mob platform and push slimes into a fall damage grinder.

You may have missed slimes because they are difficult to find and have specific spawn restrictions. They are incredibly rare as they will only spawn in specific chunks of the world. Slimes will drop slimeballs that are used for specific recipes and finding a slime chunk can be difficult to accomplish.

HealthBehaviorAttack StrengthDrops
(Small): 1 full heart; (Medium): 2 full hearts; (Large): 8 full hearts(Small): Hostile; (Medium): Hostile; (Large): HostileEasy: (Small) 0 hearts; (Medium) 1 full heart; (Hard) 1 and a half full hearts; Normal: (Small) 0 hearts; (Medium) 1 full heart; (Large) 2 full hearts; Hard: (Small) 0 hearts; (Medium) 1 and half full hearts; (Large) 3 full hearts(Small) 0-2 Slimeballs. 1 XP orb; (Medium) 0-2 Slimeballs. 2 XP orbs; (Large) 0-2 Slimeballs. 4 XP orbs

Appearance and Behavior

Slime will spawn in various sizes. They are big green cuboid creatures that spawn in swamps and caves. Unlike other hostile mobs, they can spawn light levels higher than seven. This is odd as only slimes underground are treated this way. The slime chunks that spawn slime underground are found below “Y” level 40.

Slime appearance in level Y

Slimes that spawn in the overworld require light levels seven or lower. A swamp does not necessarily have to be a slime chunk in order to spawn slimes, they will spawn in swamp areas between “Y” levels 50 and 70. Interestingly, the cycle of the moon will also dictate whether slimes will spawn in swamps. They will never spawn during new moons and will spawn more frequently during full moons.

A slime has three sizes they can spawn, small, medium, and large sizes. A large size slime will spawn up to 2-4 new medium slimes and so on.

Minecraft Slime

How to kill Slime

Slime is just like any other Minecraft mob in that it has a health bar you can deplete by attacking it. A large slime has eight full hearts, a medium slime has two full hearts, and a small slime has one full heart. When a medium or large slime dies they will split into more slimes, make sure to approach the biggest ones carefully or else you may end up overwhelmed.

How to tame a Minecraft Slime

A slime cannot be tamed in Minecraft. They are hostile mobs that will attack the player on sight. A small slime will deal zero damage, even on the hardest difficulty. If you wanted you could keep a slime within sight to keep it as a pet. It will despawn after you leave it unloaded for too long. Because they are hostile there is not much work you have to do to ensure a slime follows you, but there is not a practical benefit to housing slime.

Slime farming

Finding one large slime will result in many slimeballs being dropped. If you manage to locate a slime chunk, you can make a mob platform and push slimes into a fall damage grinder. They will eventually suffocate from water as well, but they attempt to swim to the surface so water grinders do not work as efficiently. If you need slimeballs make sure to take a Looting III sword so that you can potentially get up to five slimeballs from each slime you defeat.


Q. Can Slime kill you in Minecraft?

A small slime cannot kill you in Minecraft. They do zero damage and apply zero knockbacks. A medium or large slime will inflict damage like any other hostile mob. Therefore, a medium or large slime can kill you in Minecraft.

Q. Why are Slimes so rare?

Slime has specific spawn conditions that vary depending on whether it is within a slime chunk or even the phase of the moon. Slimes do not spawn like other mobs and have conditions to meet in order to spawn. Look for slime chunks underground or swamps at nighttime in order to locate slimes.

Q. Can Slime jump over fences?

Slime cannot jump over fence blocks. Even the largest slime which can reach the highest cannot jump over fence blocks.

Q. How can you tell if a chunk is a Slime chunk?

The only way to tell definitively is to see a slime in that chunk. A slime chunk makes up 10% of every chunk in the world. Digging a mine that is at least three high and open will eventually show you slimes spawning.

Q. Do any villagers sell slime?

No specific villager profession will sell slime, however, the wandering trader can be found selling slime in its randomly generated inventory.

Did you know?

If you name a slime and kill it all the slimes that split off of it will have the same name.

A large slime can actually outrun a player on flat ground. Stand your ground and force it to split to avoid it.

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