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Passive Mobs

In Minecraft you will encounter many types of living animals or otherwise. The player base has simplified anything in the game that moves, attacks, or even simply eats grass as a “mob”. The passive mobs are distinct as ones that present no threat to the player. Even when attacked, a passive mob will typically respond by sprinting in fear.

Passive mobs are typically farm animals: pigs, cows, chickens, and horses. However, it can include much more like salmon, cod, bats, and many more. These mobs are typically farmed by players for food, unique drops, and necessary crafting materials. Cows for example can drop leather which can be crafted into books.

Below you can find a detailed list of every passive mob currently in Minecraft. While Minecraft may have only started with the humble pig, these days there are enough passive animals to start your own barnyard full of animals.

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