3 best Minecraft SMP Survival Servers

SMP is a popular Minecraft multiplayer game mode (Image via Sportskeeda)
SMP is a popular Minecraft multiplayer game mode (Image via Sportskeeda)

In recent years, many Minecraft players have started playing Survival Multiplayer, also known as SMP. As the name suggests, SMP is a version of the classic Minecraft survival mode in which you can play with a number of other players. The experience is, therefore, more community focused and is mostly centered around interactions with other players.

Finding the best Minecraft SMP server can be difficult, however, especially if you don’t know where to look. The list included in this article containing the best Minecraft SMP servers is designed to help you find the server that’s right for you. It only features reputable SMP servers that have been online for a long time and have been reviewed by many different players.

Also included is a brief overview of each server, as well as how long it’s been online, how many players are online at any given time, and what kind of gameplay one can expect from the server.

Which are the three top choices for Minecraft SMP servers?

1) Purple Ore SMP


In terms of features, Purple Ore SMP is second to none. Some of its most popular features include a chest shop and an auction house that allows you to sell and buy items.

The server isn’t just great for survival mode, however. It also has a creative server that’s ideal for people who want to build up their map or play some cool mini-games. It also has a PvP arena, a Discord server comprising almost 70,000 community members to chat with, and fun bots to use whenever you're bored.

Overall, this server is certainly a friendly community, with a lot of players online at any given moment. You’re sure to make a lot of friends on here, and there’s always someone to show you the ropes if you’re new to the server. This survival server is easy to get into as well, so you won’t be stuck on your own for too long.

Players online: 1000-1500

Online for: 5+ Years

Server address: smp.purpleore.com

2) Earth MC

EarthMC is a top-tier Earth SMP server (Image via Mojang)
EarthMC is a top-tier Earth SMP server (Image via Mojang)

Up next is Earth MC, an extremely fun SMP server with one crazy concept. The entire map is a scaled copy of a satellite scan of the real earth. Every country you can possibly imagine is present, along with oceans, cities, and everything in between. The map is so big that you can fly for an hour and still find new areas to explore or new cities to visit.

This server has a community that’s really helpful if you’re new, with a lot of players online at any one time. Its economy is run exclusively by the players. You can sell and buy a variety of goods and wares at over 1000 player-made shops that are scattered throughout the map. There're also taxes, trading, and an extensive auction system. Everything has a price, and players will pay you for whatever it is you might be looking to sell.

EarthMC is easy to get into, and the staff is extremely helpful and friendly. Overall, it's a great choice for a fun SMP server and surely one of the most innovative and unique Minecraft servers out there.

Players online: 200-400

Online for: 4+ Years

Server address: earthmc.net

3) Lifesteal SMP

Lifesteal SMP is yet another fun choice to play (Image via Mojang)
Lifesteal SMP is yet another fun choice to play (Image via Mojang)

Lifesteal SMP is yet another fantastic choice for anyone in search of an SMP server. As its name might suggest, Lifesteal SMP is an SMP server with one big twist. The big twist is that players can take health permanently from other players by killing them.

For example, the attacker will receive a permanent heart from the defender by killing any player. The defender is now permanently left with nine hearts, and the attacker now has 11 hearts.

This quirky gameplay mechanic actually makes for a great addition to an SMP server and creates a lot of fun for everyone involved. This specific server also offers a lot of other engaging Minecraft features like the ability to create custom shops, buy and sell items, and more.

Players online: 100-300

Online for: <1 Year

Server Address: mc.lifestealsmp.com

Minecraft SMP servers tips and tricks

Knowing some tips and tricks can help you do better on SMP servers (Image via Mojang)
Knowing some tips and tricks can help you do better on SMP servers (Image via Mojang)

The following tips and tricks are not necessarily for one specific server but are great for players to keep in mind when playing on any Minecraft SMP server in general:

Tip 1

Keep in mind that depending on what SMP server you choose to play on, griefing may be allowed. No need to fret, however, as all of the servers mentioned in the list above will allow you to protect your builds from griefers using in-game commands.

Tip 2

If you aren't too confident in your PvP skills, look for an SMP server that allows you to turn PvP off. Both Earth MC and Purple Ore SMP offer this functionality. For PvP confident players, you can simply keep PvP on.

Tip 3

SMP servers have a player-based economy that is run via in-game currency. Typically, this currency can be earned through trading, mining, or killing monsters, but it will vary based on the server you're playing on. If you're a newbie, kindly ask regular players or server staff about the top ways to make money on the server.

Tip 4

Depending on what SMP server you're on, there may be a number of different plugins available that can give you unique abilities or perks. Look out for servers that offer plugins such as /tpa <player>, /fly, /feed, /warp, /spawn, /shop, and /kit.

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