3 best schematics for Minecraft 1.19 update

Sugar cane farm schematic (Image via
Sugar cane farm schematic (Image via
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Building things can be a challenge in Minecraft. For most players, the design for a build does not necessarily come naturally. There is often a lot of math involved, and sometimes, the build requires gamers to tear down and start again. This is especially true for more complex builds.

However, even for smaller builds, schematics can help. Some things can be figured out, but it is much easier to just see what needs to be done and do it, step-by-step. Mansions, automatic farms, redstone builds, and so much more are much easier if there is a working schematic for it.

This is true even in the 1.19 update. There are new building blocks, and schematics are still vitally important. Here are a few detailed schematics to make use of in Minecraft right now.

Schematics to help Minecraft players build cool things in 1.19

3) Wool farm


A wool farm can be one of the most useful things to build in Minecraft. Wool is a versatile item that can be crafted with, built with, or traded for emeralds. One of the most important things in the game, a bed, requires wool.

Shearing wool or killing sheep for their wool takes time and is not very efficient. An automatic farm makes this process simpler and faster. The automatic farm shears and collects the wool as soon as it grows so there is no delay.

The steps are as follows:

  • Find a grass block that has air above it. It needs to have a view of the sky.
  • Players will need to trap sheep on this block with glass blocks. They need to surround each of the four sides of the single block and be two blocks tall.
  • Below the central block that the sheep is standing on, a minecart with a hopper should be placed on a single rail with a chest underneath that.
  • The block directly behind the grass block that the sheep is on needs to be an observer facing the block.
  • On top of that, replacing one of the glass blocks, there should be a dispenser with shears in it.
  • They should be connected via redstone dust on a block behind the observer.
  • When the sheep eats the grass and grows the wool, it will automatically be sheared and drop the wool into the hopper and chest.

2) Smelter

Simple smelter (Image via How2MC on YouTube)
Simple smelter (Image via How2MC on YouTube)

Smelting items takes time in Minecraft. Getting it done automatically is exceptionally useful and can provide gamers a lot more time to do other things. This is helpful in 1.19, since there is so much more to explore.

A smelter is fairly easy to build, and here is the schematic for it:

  1. Place a blast furnace
  2. On top of the blast furnace, place a hopper.
  3. Connect a chest to that hopper and fill it with coal and items to smelt.
  4. Below the blast furnace, place another hopper and chest.

This will automatically fill the blast furnace with items to smelt and coal while also taking out the cooked items.

1) Automatic sugar cane farm

auto sugar cane farm has been added

An automatic sugar cane farm is exceptionally useful. Sugar cane is crafted into either sugar or paper. Sugar is good for food recipes, but paper is good for maps, books, and trading for emeralds.

Fortunately, sugar cane farms are easy to build.

  • Start by mining out a nine block line.
  • At one end, place one water bucket.
  • This should flow until the penultimate block. Mine that block and replace it with a hopper that is connected to a chest.
  • On each block that has water in front of it, place a piece of sugar cane. Place one block of dirt behind each piece of sugar cane.
  • Minecraft players can then place a piston facing the sugar cane on top of the dirt block. On top of that, there should be an observer facing the sugar cane.
  • These can be connected with redstone dust on a block behind the piston.

From there, Minecraft gamers can put a covering over and around the farm so that the broken sugar cane pieces do not fly everywhere.

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