4 best mobs to farm in Minecraft in 2022

Cows are one of the best mobs to farm in Minecraft after the 1.19 update (Image via Mojang)
Cows are one of the best mobs to farm in Minecraft after the 1.19 update (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft has always had a large variety of mobs. The recent 1.19 update added three new mobs to the mix: the Warden, allays, and frogs.

The vast majority of mobs in the game drop items and XP when killed. Bats are the only exception to this mechanic.

There are many items that mobs can drop in Minecraft, including iron ingots, rotten flesh, leather, meat, wool, and even string. These items can be extremely useful, and mobs are sometimes the best and only way to obtain them.

For this reason, building mob farms in Minecraft is extremely useful. Listed below are the best mobs to farm in the latest version of the game.

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Sheep, cows, and 2 other mobs that are incredibly useful to farm in Minecraft 1.19 (2022)

1) Zombies


Zombies are a pretty useful hostile mob to farm in Minecraft. In a bind, players can use the rotten flesh they drop as a food source to survive. Rotten flesh is also great for breeding tamed wolves. It can also be traded to cleric villagers for emeralds.

While rotten flesh is the main item that zombies drop, it is not the only one. Zombies are also known to drop iron ingots, which are incredibly valuable. These mobs can also drop potatoes and carrots, which can be used to start a garden.

2) Sheep

Sheep are a great mob to farm in Minecraft. While players can build automatic wool farms, farming sheep for XP, food, and loot is also a great idea.

Sheep can easily be found in the game as they stand out against the green backdrop on which they usually spawn. They're also pretty easy to attract and kill.

Mutton and wool are useful items that players can get from sheep. Wool can be used for beds, which are pretty vital to survival and other crafting recipes. It can also be dyed in any color.

3) Enderman

The Enderman is arguably the most valuable hostile mob in the game (Image via Mojang)
The Enderman is arguably the most valuable hostile mob in the game (Image via Mojang)

Building an Enderman farm in MInecraft is incredibly difficult and usually doesn't happen till very late in the game.

Endermen are arguably the most important hostile mob in the game. They drop Ender pearls, one of the best items to get from any mob.

Endermen are incredibly difficult to kill. They teleport away when damage is dealt, which makes it impossible to track them. This sometimes also means that they won't return, so players won't have the opportunity to finish the job.

If players see an Enderman, they need to kill it immediately because Ender pearls are valuable for getting into the End and surviving it.

4) Cows


Cows are undoubtedly one of the best mobs to farm. They provide two very good items: steak and leather. Using a Fire Aspect sword or fire to kill cows means that the meat will be cooked already.

Leather is a very useful crafting item because it can be made into armor or books. It can also be traded with certain villagers for emeralds.

Steak is one of the strongest food sources in the game. Each steak has 12.8 hunger saturation. It will also restore eight hunger points, which ranks near the top of all food items.

Cows are also very easy to farm. They spawn frequently and are attracted to wheat, which is an easy item to grow. They also don't take much effort to kill.

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