4 best underground bases to build in Minecraft Survival

Underground base exterior (Image via Mojang)
Underground base exterior (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft players can build all kinds of bases. Whether it's in Creative or Survival, all kinds of bases are possible with the blocks the game provides. Gamers have often built mansions, sky bases, regular houses, dirt houses, and so much more.

Underground bases have been growing more and more popular lately. They're a great choice because they keep things hidden and are a bit of a flex. They're arguably the most challenging base to build, but they're really fun.

There are different ways to go about it, with Minecraft players trying out new methods all the time. Here are a few really good designs to try out in Survival mode.

Minecraft underground bunker designs to try

4) Hidden bunker

Underground base interior (Image via Mojang)
Underground base interior (Image via Mojang)

One of the most important things many Minecraft gamers try to accomplish with an underground bunker is stealth. An underground base can't be seen from a distance and some of the best ones can't be seen at all. Doing so is difficult, especially because there needs to be an entry and exit. Hidden doors work well for this kind of base.

Players can accomplish this by digging out the base and then covering the top again like it was never touched. There can be a secret tunnel down to it or a piston door that opens and closes.

3) Covered base


One of the more unique forms of an underground bunker is one that isn't underground. Rather than digging out a huge hole underground and trying to fill it in with the base, this bunker stays above ground. Players can build their base however they want, though it will need to be relatively square.

After that, the only thing left to do is cover the base. The terrain from around the base can be built up over the top to hide it effectively. If done well, this type of base will look like a standard hill or mountain. Putting trees and other plants on them is a great way to hide it even further.

2) Underwater bunker


The only way to make an underground bunker more underground is by putting it under the ocean. It's underground underwater, so it's twice as difficult to find and twice as difficult to build. The first step is to make an entryway. An elevator can effectively be constructed with kelp and soul sand.

The next step is to hollow out the base while ensuring it doesn't flood, which is challenging. Minecraft players will likely need to hollow out a space and then block it off, so water doesn't come in while they continue building.

1) Standard underground bunker

The best and perhaps easiest underground bunker to make isn't a struggle to be hidden. Instead, it just exists underground. Minecraft gamers can hollow out a hole and fill it with their base elements. Instead of trying to make a hidden entryway and cover the entire thing, they can make the ceiling a skylight. This way, their crops will grow faster, and they'll have natural light throughout the day.

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