5 best Minecraft custom tree designs

Minecraft custom trees make for fantastic decoration (Image via Youtube/fWhip)
Minecraft custom trees make for fantastic decoration (Image via Youtube/fWhip)

If you're a Minecraft player, you already know that a ton of different trees can be found in the game. However, the game doesn't offer up much when it comes to customizing them. Fortunately, we've got some great ideas for changing the appearance of your custom forest builds.

People love building in this game, and some of them create large builds wherein you need to make your own trees because normal ones don't always look the best. This article will showcase five of the best custom tree designs made in Minecraft.

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Custom Fantasy Design and four other incredibly unique custom trees in Minecraft

1) Custom trees to level up your builds


When building a custom tree, there are a few things to take into account. First of all, make sure the tree looks good in your build. You can't have a natural-looking landscape if every tree in the build is out of place and doesn't fit with the rest of the environment created.

The next step is to consider how you want your overall build to look before adding any trees to it. If you want the look to be more realistic in nature, it's recommended to opt for something like birch trees or oak trees (depending on where exactly you're building). However, if you want something more fantasy based, try spruce or pine trees instead. The choice is completely yours.

2) Amazing custom tree designs


For the best custom tree designs in Minecraft, look no further than this option. YouTuber TheMythicalSausage has rounded up four of the most creative, beautiful, realistic, and detailed trees available to recreate with a lot of ease.

These fantastic trees will look beautiful in almost any build in the sandbox. TheMythicalSausage's amazing video shows a broad selection of recreations of different trees within Minecraft. These include birch trees and trees within the Savannah biome. So, if you're ever recreating a biome for any reason, these trees would work well.

3) Custom Seasonal Tree Designs


Custom seasonal trees should be in Minecraft, but they aren't. The trees involved in this video are one for Winter, along with some for a Japanese spring.

These trees would look great made on a building server. Players can view your builds and give input on anything that they feel looks bad or good. This custom tree tutorial was made by the YouTuber MegRae.

4) Three simple custom tree designs


This group of three trees is not outrageously different from a normal tree in Minecraft, but they're much more aesthetic. This video shows a variation of a few different types of trees in Minecraft, such as one for a spruce tree.

This tutorial was made by the YouTuber SheraNom. One of the trees in this video has an amazing cute bench swing set hanging from it, which would be a great build for a towny server.

5) Custom fantasy tree designs


While many types of trees can be used in the game, custom fantasy ones are some of the most popular. These offer players the ability to create unique designs that can be used in their builds, allowing them to add something special and different from others' creations while making them stand out.

Custom trees are not appreciated as much as they should be, as it's quite hard to come up with concepts and designs for trees. This is a beautiful bunch of trees made by the YouTuber MegRae.

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