5 best Minecraft farms to build in the Nether

A wither skeleton farm (Image via Minecraft)
A wither skeleton farm (Image via Minecraft)

In Minecraft, there are three different dimensions to explore: the Overworld, the Nether and the End. Out of these three, the Nether realm is the most dangerous dimension in Minecraft.

The Nether is Minecraft's version of hell. According to the lore, the dimension is below the Overworld. This hellish realm hosts a variety of hostile mobs ready to attack players.

However, the Nether realm features various rare and useful resources like ancient debris, blackstone, soul sand and more. Therefore, it is also a practical location to create farms in order to obtain these resources more efficiently and easily in Minecraft.

The Nether may be Minecraft's hell, but it's also a great place to farm for useful resources

5) Hoglin farm


Hoglins are like the beefy version of pigs. Unlike the Overworld pigs, hoglins believe in violence and attack any player in sight. When they die, they drop pork. Although they constitute a Nether mob, they still take damage from fire.

Hoglins are also scared of warped fungi. Players can create a spawning platform and place a few warped fungi to force hoglins into a lava trap. This way, players can farm pork chops in Minecraft.

4) Ghast farm


Ghasts are one of the most annoying mobs in Minecraft. Many players have experienced a ghast blowing up their Nether portal. However, ghasts are a necessary evil as they drop ghast tears, the main ingredient for crafting end crystals.

Ghasts spawn in every biome in the Nether but are common in soul sand valleys. Players planning to farm ghast tears should build a ghast farm on the bedrock ceiling in a soul sand valley.

3) Blaze farm


The massive fortresses found in the Nether usually have blaze spawners in them. Like any other spawner, players can use blaze spawners to create farms in Minecraft.

Blazes are one of the few mobs necessary for beating the game. They drop blaze rods, required for crafting eyes of ender.

2) Wither skeleton farm


Wither skeletons have one of the rarest drops in Minecraft. A wither skeleton has a 2.5 to 5.5% chance of dropping one wither skeleton skull. Using three wither skeleton skulls and four soul sand, players can summon the Wither.

Defeating the Wither yields a Nether star, the main item needed for crafting beacons. Players can create a wither skeleton farm to get tons of skulls, coal and bones. It will also act as a source for a beacon farm.

1) Gold farm


Gold farms are the most commonly built farms in the Nether. This type of farm abuses the high spawn rate of zombie piglins to get XP and gold. Zombie piglin farms can produce tons of gold and experience points in just a few minutes.

The Nether is best suited for building mob farms because of the various monsters that spawn here. Aside from mob farms, players can also build farms for iron, beacons, basalt and so on.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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