5 Best Minecraft farms for emeralds

Villagers looking up at emeralds (Image via gamerant)
Villagers looking up at emeralds (Image via gamerant)

Emeralds are a rare ore in Minecraft, and these shiny green gems are very valuable as villages use them as currency. These emeralds can only be found in mountain biomes, and even only spawn in veins of one at a time.

Luckily for players looking for these elusive ores, players have figured out ways to create emerald farms. An emerald farm is a player-built contraption (or farm) that produces emeralds easily.

There are many different variations and ways for players to make farms, and players have figured out how to farm almost every item in Minecraft. Some players may wonder, how is it possible to manually spawn emeralds? Well, this list will not only give players emerald farm ideas but also explain the mechanics behind the complex farms. Here are 5 of the best emerald farm ideas in Minecraft.

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Top 5 emerald farms in Minecraft

#1 - Sugar Cane Farms

Paper for emeralds Minecraft trade (Image via empireminecraft)
Paper for emeralds Minecraft trade (Image via empireminecraft)

The main method players use to farm emeralds is through villagers. Villagers will always offer up a certain amount of emeralds for a certain number of random items. One random item just happens to be paper.

The first step to creating the sugar cane-based emerald farm is by creating a large sugar cane farm. The players want this farm to be massive and easily accessible for them to collect sugar cane regularly.

Once the player has a large sugar cane farm, they'll need to find a lot of librarian villagers to trade with. Librarian villagers will offer up the trade of one emerald for 35 pieces of paper. Since the player has such a large sugar cane farm they'll be able to make multiple stacks of paper to trade the librarian villagers. In no time, players will have more emeralds than they can count.

#2 - Raid Farm


The raid farm involves a pillager tower, raids, an open expanse of ocean, a lot of chests, and a lot of Redstone. Players will definitely need to watch the video thoroughly to correctly build the raid emerald farm.

This raid farm also helps the player farm other materials like Redstone and totems. It's a massive operation that seems to work splendidly after the complex building process.

The way this raid farm works is it uses pillagers in raids to obtain special items. Each pillager drops totems, emeralds, and other valuable items when killed. So when the farm starts working, it uses pillagers, hoppers, and chests to store all of these item drops.

#3 - Fun with a Fletcher


This is another village related emerald farm involving a Fletcher villager. To start this emerald farm, players have to create a small four by four structure with a regular villager inside. Players should cover the top so that the villager isn't able to get out of the structure.

Then, players should craft a fletching table. It's a simple build, involving two flints and four of any planks. The player should then place the fletching table inside the four-by-four structure that the villager is in. The villager will then become a Fletcher, and begin to offer the player trades.

The first trade Fletcher will offer the player is 32 sticks for an emerald. This is really easy for the player to get and the player can continue making this trade to get more emeralds.

#4 - Weaponsmith

Villager waiting to be traded with (Image via planetminecraft)
Villager waiting to be traded with (Image via planetminecraft)

Weaponsmith is another great Minecraft villager to start an emerald farm with. These villagers have very easy trades, including 15 coals for one emerald. This is extremely easy for players to get since coal is so readily available.

The weaponsmith also offers one emerald for 24 flints, which if the player finds a lot of gravel can be an easy trade to make multiple times as well.

For more advanced players with iron farms, the weaponsmith's trade of six iron ignots for one emerald is also fantastic. Iron farms are relatively easy to make in Minecraft, usually involving some sort of iron golem which drops iron at very high rates.

#5 - Mason Expert


Many long-term Minecraft players know what it's like when they have a room full of chests filled with only cobblestone. Well if players run into a mason villager, they will soon have no shortage of emeralds.

Masons offer a trade of 20 stone blocks for one emerald, and since cobblestone is so readily available in Minecraft, this trade is absolutely perfect. All the player has to do is smelt the cobblestone in a furnace and then sit back and relax. Soon the player will have more emeralds than they can account for. This trade is especially easy to get if the player has silk touch on their pickaxe as well, because it takes away the need to smelt the cobblestone.

The stone trade isn't the only valuable trade that masons offer in Minecraft. For players near a swamp biome, the mason's clay trade is very handy. Masons offer one emerald for 10 pieces of clay. Clay drops multiple pieces when broken, so this is an easily obtainable trade for most players to make.

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