5 best Minecraft mods to play on Halloween

Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th (Image via KingMinecraftMods/Minecraft)
Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th (Image via KingMinecraftMods/Minecraft)

Minecraft may look like a simple and innocent game on the surface, but there's a dark, chilling side to the game. With folktales of strange entities like Herobrine spanning years back, and reports of strange things happening to players' worlds, something spooky is afoot.

Mods have been a part of Minecraft since time immemorial. They add new items and mechanics to a game that is already full of surprises. With Halloween around the corner, here are some mods that make Minecraft truly terrifying.

Minecraft: Best mods to get into the Halloween mood

5) Sanity Mod


This mod is heavily inspired by the sanity mechanics in Don’t Starve and The Forest. Originally introduced for version 1.12, this mod introduces a sanity meter for players, which drops if they stay awake for too long, kill friendly mobs or consume rotten/ raw food. Sanity can be restored or raised by sleeping and eating cooked food.

The consequences of low sanity include encounters with ghost zombies (translucent zombies vanishing when in light), Light Seekers (creatures made of smoke which target light sources near the player to assist ghost zombies) and random sets of eyes staring at the player out of darkness.

Download the Sanity Mod here.

4) Eyes in the Darkness

Eyes in the Darkness (Image via MNMods/Minecraft)
Eyes in the Darkness (Image via MNMods/Minecraft)

This mod dials up the creep factor of Minecraft significantly. It adds a single passive mob called the Eyes. Eyes spawn in dark places in all realms.

Eyes will slowly approach the player when not looked at, and will either vanish if spotted or damaged, or jumpscare the player, engulfing them in darkness for a few seconds. Spawn rates keep increasing as Halloween approaches.

Download the Eyes in the Darkness mod here.

3) The Legend of Herobrine mod


Herobrine needs no introduction. The most famous urban legend in Minecraft gets his own mod with The Legend of Herobrine mod pack. This mod adds Herobrine to the game. He can be spawned with a special altar, wreaking havoc in players’ Minecraft worlds.

Strange happenings and discoveries including cryptic messages, zombie and cursed mob ambushes, strange biomes, shapes and structures and four different versions of Herobrine himself, are a part of this mod.

Download The Legend of Herobrine mod here.

2) Horror Movie Monsters mod

Horror Movie Monsters (Image via Minecraft)
Horror Movie Monsters (Image via Minecraft)

This mod adds a ton of monsters from famous horror movies to Minecraft. Each monster has its own weapon, drops and characteristics. Monsters may fight amongst themselves as well. Characters in this mod include Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Frankenstein, Dracula, Annabelle and others.

Download the Horror Movie Mod here.

1) Hardcore Darkness Mod


It is never truly dark in Minecraft. Even without torches at night, players can see a fair amount, depending on their gamma setting. This mod introduces pitch black darkness to the game. Anything not covered within the range of a light source will be engulfed in total darkness. Definitely a Halloween-worthy mod for Minecraft.

Download the Hardcore Darkness Mod here.