5 best Minecraft PE seeds for long term survival

A beautiful snow village in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft Fandom)
A beautiful snow village in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft Fandom)

Minecraft is most enjoyable when played in Survival mode. There is plenty to do, from building an amazing base to acquiring the best armor and tools and killing the Ender Dragon. However, through it all, the players should survive for a long period of time in the game.

Playing on Survival mode is not as harsh as playing on Hardcore mode, where once the player dies they cannot access their world. However, no one wishes to die in their world even if they can respawn.

The first night in Minecraft can be deemed the toughest as players have very limited resources, and if stuck out in the open, they can easily be killed by any mob.

One of the most crucial factors that affects players' survival is where they spawn in the new world. Villages and other structures always provide players with benefits that help them survive in the game.

In this article, we will highlight five of the best Minecraft PE seeds that will help players survive longer and have an amazing time.

5 Best Minecraft PE seeds that will extend player life in Survival

1) Villages, Strongholds, Ocean Monuments and much more

Seed: -163496930

A Savanna Village (Image via Minecraft)
A Savanna Village (Image via Minecraft)

This incredible seed spawns players in a Savanna village where they can get easy access to food and shelter, come nightfall. However, the goal of Minecraft is to defeat the Ender Dragon, and to do so, they have to go to the Stronghold. With this seed, players end up in a Stronghold just by digging straight down the village.

However, to finish the End Portal, players need Ender eyes, which requires Ender pearl and Blaze powder. To get these things, players need to enter the Nether, which can be easily done since Strongholds also have lava, which can be used to make a portal.

Once the player enters the Nether Realm, they only have to travel a few blocks to come across a Fortress.

The other great aspect of this village is how close it is to an Ocean Monument, which can almost be seen from the village shoreline.

All these advantages combine to make this one of the best seeds in Minecraft PE for extended survival.

2) Miners Paradise

Seed: -1787412067

Huge cave underneath a Village (Image via Minecraft)
Huge cave underneath a Village (Image via Minecraft)

For players who love exploring the humongous new caves that are generated in Minecraft 1.18, this seed provides them the best opportunity. The player spawns within a cave which is directly under a large hill. Once outside it, the player is greeted by a huge village and an abandoned Nether Portal, which can be completed by using a few obsidian blocks.

The greatest aspect of this seed is that the caves below the village are massive, and go down to the Deepslate level. In certain areas, it goes as low as the Bedrock level.

Players can mine in this cave and stock up on minerals with ease, which will only benefit them. They can easily make iron armor and tools that will help them survive.

3) Free Iron

Seed: -1297929839

Spruce village (Image via Minecraft)
Spruce village (Image via Minecraft)

Generally, Minecraft players have to go through different tiers to go up, starting from wood, stone, iron, diamonds and lastly, netherite. However, with this seed, players can skip the first two tiers and jump straight into the iron tier.

Spawning close to a spruce village, which in itself is wonderful, the players can easily get full iron armor and tools, since the chests in the village are full of them. So, without breaking a single block, players can get fully decked up in iron.

If that isn’t enough, right behind this village is a colossal cave which goes past the Deepslate layer. Players can find diamonds in this cave without mining a single block.

4) Desert Spawn

Seed: -246895141

Desert Temple (Image via Minecraft)
Desert Temple (Image via Minecraft)

Deserts are not very player-friendly, especially during initial spawning, as players cannot get wood or food in that biome. However, deserts spawn Desert Temples, which are great places to obtain loot. The seed spawns players near two Desert temples and two villages, all within 500 blocks, which can be explored by players. As such, spawning in this desert biome is great as players can acquire loot without breaking a single block.

A massive cave opening is also present near the second Desert Temple, which takes the player down to the Deepslate level. By exploring further, players may also come across spawners. The spawner can be used to collect XP, which will enhance gameplay.

5) Three Blacksmith Village

Seed: -1698969768

Three Blacksmith Village with a Pillager Outpost on the centre (Image via Minecraft)
Three Blacksmith Village with a Pillager Outpost on the centre (Image via Minecraft)

This seed spawns the player a bit far from the village. However, on going to coordinate 216 67 216, players will come across a village with three Blacksmith village houses in them - a very rare sight. The center of the village also houses a Pillager Outpost.

Traveling to coordinates 240 105 600, players will also find a Stronghold village not too far from spawn.

This seed allows players easy access to loot from two villages, an Outpost and a Stronghold, aiding their survival in this world.

These five seeds give the player easy access to early loot, which enables them to survive longer in the world. Players also get the opportunity to explore different biomes and enjoy the adventure that lies ahead, knowing that they have good loot to survive.

Note: The list present in the article reflects the views of the writer.

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