5 best Minecraft seeds for long term survival

A large stylized Minecraft ravine (Image via Reddit)
A large stylized Minecraft ravine (Image via Reddit)
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Holly Ellison

Surviving that first night in a Minecraft world can seem like the most significant challenge in the world for new players, never mind surviving in Minecraft long term.

Though there is a method to survival, players can use specific seeds to help them stay long-term easier. Whether they are playing in hardcore mode and want an easier world to start with or just an easy ride in regular survival, this list can help.

What makes certain seeds better than others for long-term survival is the amount and quality of resources provided by the natural world. Minecraft worlds with a lot of villages and rarely generated structures are especially useful to players. Seeds with large ravines and easily accessible caves also come in handy.

This list includes multiple seeds with villages, many biomes, and large ravines for different Minecraft versions. All of these features enhance the player's abilities and allow for long-term survival.

Top five Minecraft seeds for long term survival

#1 - Blacksmith village with mineshaft inside a ravine

A village next to a Minecraft ravine (Image via mcpedl)
A village next to a Minecraft ravine (Image via mcpedl)

This seed is everything a Minecraft player could ask for with a long-term survival goal, as it has a blacksmith village not too far away from a ravine. This isn't any old ravine, though, as it has a gold-filled mineshaft within it.

Players will have so many resources to choose from that they'll need to make multiple trips into the ravine and mineshaft. They will also have easy access to the weapons and armor from the blacksmith's house.

What makes this seed great for long-term survival is the prevalence of the resources in the world. These resources will last the player more than enough time in the game before they'll have to search for new caves or villages to trade with.

Seed Code: 105899026

Version: Minecraft Bedrock

#2 - Too many structures to count

Underground dungeons in Minecraft (Image via Reddit)
Underground dungeons in Minecraft (Image via Reddit)

This seed has an insane amount of naturally generated structures. It includes five dungeons, two villages (one of which is large), two mineshafts, a shipwreck, and a pillager outpost.

With all of these generated structures easily accessible from the player's spawn, they are almost guaranteed to survive for a long time. This seed has all the resources a player needs, with the only one they may have trouble finding being wood. This is because most major biomes are ocean, desert, and plains, but with all the surrounding villages to take from, players should have no trouble finding an ample amount of wood.

As if all the generated structures weren't perfect enough to ensure players secure resources, this seed also includes a ravine and many caves to explore. Users can mine here for the proper resources to trade with villagers and use for personal gain.

Seed Code: -1716208639735502384

Version: 1.16 Minecraft Java

#3 - Flowery village

A flower forest with a village (Image via pinterest)
A flower forest with a village (Image via pinterest)

What makes this seed unique is that there's a village spawned right inside of a flower forest. This is an especially rare and useful Minecraft world to explore.

Players have every flower and all the natural village resources right at their fingertips. This is great for building a house or even a bee farm. There are so many opportunities to obtain advanced level Minecraft items with these resources at their disposal.

Another great thing about this Minecraft seed is that it contains an easily accessible cave with a mineshaft inside. There's also another mineshaft near a second village in this world. It is larger than the first one, with 19 buildings, including a few clerics, stonemasons, and leatherworkers.

Seed Code: 7423302672512960863

Version: Minecraft Java

#4 - Unique taiga and mushroom Island

A mushroom and taiga biome (Image via progameguide)
A mushroom and taiga biome (Image via progameguide)

This seed spawns the player into a world with a taiga forest and mushroom biome directly next to each other. This provides more wood than they can account for, and the unique blocks are only found in mushroom biomes.

What makes mushroom biomes genuinely remarkable, though, is that mobs don't naturally spawn on them, meaning even if players are on hard mode, no mobs will spawn there at night. This makes it the perfect place for players to put up houses or bases. As long as they add a fence around their home, it's implausible that any mobs will spawn.

Near the forest area, there's also a large ravine which is perfect for players to find all the underground resources they could ever ask for. In close proximity, there's also an ocean monument and a swamp biome. This seed is highly diverse and even includes a village in the nearby snow tundra biome.

The Nether is also worth exploring in this seed. There are bastion remnants and a Nether fortress relatively close to one another. This is great for later game resources and will allow players to make all the blocks and potions they desire.

Seed Code: 2945671375784082726

Version: 1.16 Minecraft Java

#5 - Biomes galore

Dark oak and savannah Minecraft biomes (Image via progameguide)
Dark oak and savannah Minecraft biomes (Image via progameguide)

This seed spawns players near a multitude of biomes. There's a savannah village directly next to a dark oak forest. It's the perfect combination of biomes, as there's plenty of wood available and plenty of villagers they cab trade with.

Besides the dark oak forest and savannah village, there's also a desert biome and regular oak wood forest nearby. Players will have no trouble finding all the resources they need, and even better, there's a body of water right next to the savannah village. This means if the player wants to start a farm or needs an infinite water resource, it's one nearby.

This seed also includes two pyramids and a large ravine. There's also a desert village near the savannah village. This seed has enough resources for the player to survive long term easily in this Minecraft world.

Seed Code: -98141769

Version: Minecraft Bedrock

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Note: This article reflects the writer's opinions.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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