5 best Minecraft seeds of 2021

Beautiful seeds (Image via Minecraft)
Beautiful seeds (Image via Minecraft)

Ever wondered how Minecraft generates beautiful worlds randomly? The answer is seeds. Minecraft uses a seed, a bunch of numbers or letters, to create every feature of a world.

Almost everything players can see in Minecraft is based on the type of world seed used. By default, the game uses a random seed to create a world. Players also have the option to specify a seed while creating a new world.

Many members of the Minecraft community spend a huge chunk of their time finding unique seeds. This article shares some of the amazing seeds discovered this year.

Best Minecraft seeds

5) End portal beneath ocean monument (Seed: 337488497076076594)

In Minecraft, players can often find two or more structures at the exact location. This Java 1.17 seed features an ocean monument and a stronghold in the same place. The weirdest thing about this seed is the portal room is right beneath the ocean monument.

Due to this, players will be affected by the Mining Fatigue effect. Players who want the journey to the end dimension a little more challenging should try this seed. Go to X -1400 Y 50 Z 1050 to find the weird structure generation.

4) Three villages at spawn island (Seed: -4060839488929676108)

Many players prefer to have a village close to spawn as it provides many useful items. Minecrafters fans of villagers will love this Java 1.17 seed. It generates three villages on an island right at the spawn. Players can also find a shipwreck close to the main island.

3) Hollow jagged peaks (Seed: -3266841830559157253)

The Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update changed how Overworld used to generate. Due to this, all old seeds were lost, and the community began their search to find new seeds.

This seed features a massive jagged peak at X 1850 Z 0, reaching the highest mountain height limit. Players can find empty cave systems and a lush cave biome inside this mountain.

2) Village surrounded by mountains (Seed: 674132569222055801)

Beautiful village and mountain (Image via u/szmirgley on Reddit)
Beautiful village and mountain (Image via u/szmirgley on Reddit)

This 1.18 Java seed spawns in a villager surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains. Players can enjoy the best of both 1.18 terrain and the older terrain at spawn. The seed also features dripstone and lush caves less than 500 blocks from the spawn point.

1) Large lake surrounded by tall hills (Seed: 1845635451)

Ending the list with a 1.18 Bedrock seed. In this seed, players can find a large lake surrounded by forests and tall hills. Players can find this lake near the closest mountain to the spawn.

Players interested in the 1.17 generation but want to play the 1.18 update can create a world in version 1.17. After loading the desired areas, move the world to the latest version.

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