5 best Minecraft seeds for buried treasure in 2022

A buried treasure chest (Image via Minecraft)
A buried treasure chest (Image via Minecraft)

Most locations or activities in Minecraft might not give great loot, leaving players to work fend for themselves if they want high-tier items. However, one location/activity can net players valuable loot: buried treasure chests.

Buried treasures in the game are rare chests that can only be found with the help of a buried treasure map. These treasure maps are specialized manuscripts that pinpoint the exact location of a buried treasure chest and work in ways similar to the woodland mansion map.

This article will talk about some good Minecraft seeds ideal for finding buried treasure.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

Minecraft: 5 seeds that ensure buried treasure loot

5) Buried treasure at spawn (Seed: -6585763263880398573)

This seed spawns the player on a beach, next to a lovely and quaint lake shaped like a heart. A spruce forest can be found towards the east of spawn. The beach continues and ultimately ends up in the ocean if the player goes west.

However, the highlight of this seed is the shipwreck and buried treasure chest that can be found directly at spawn.

4) Spawn near buried treasure (Seed: 5255823060500105168)

This Bedrock seed spawns the player in a gigantic plains biome with two ravines mere blocks from the spawn point and a buried treasure chest just above.

The ravines can be mined for early resources, which will equip the player to travel towards nearby points of interest and delve into the caves to uncover the many amethyst geodes lying around spawn.

3) Buried treasure adjacent to shipwreck (Seed: 4592288326724266307)

This seed spawns the player on a beach near a plains biome and the ocean. A village can be found quite close to spawn if the player travels northwest. The belle of the ball is the hoard of loot sitting on the coordinates 91032, 65, 1028. A shipwreck can be found with a buried treasure chest right beside it.

2) Bedrock seed unusual buried treasure location (Seed: 837372018)

This seed spawns the player on a large plains biome on an island. Two ravines can be found on the island, one to the west of spawn and another to the south of spawn.

A buried treasure chest can be found on the coordinates below. The unusual feature that this treasure chest exhibit is that it spawns inside a stone mountain, and not on a beach, under sand blocks.

1) Why stop at one? (Multiple seeds)

This post by Minecraft Redditor u/Only-Ferret-8634 showcases five different Java 1.18.1 seeds, all of which have buried treasure chests marked with great loot. Additional structures and locations can also be found in each location, making this post quite valuable for players. The five seeds that are mentioned in the post are:

  • 5302455261693444003
  • 7374730539025901731
  • 139549851201099425
  • 2799881566366837059
  • 82441158962436174

During their Minecraft journey, players come across many different structures, buildings, and areas. While every location brings something new and unique to the game, one of the most important things that a player prioritizes while exploring is discovering and collecting as much loot as possible.

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