5 best Minecraft seeds to find Netherite in May 2021

Ancient debris in Minecraft (Image via tlauncher)
Ancient debris in Minecraft (Image via tlauncher)
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Modified 04 May 2021
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Netherite is the newest and strongest material in Minecraft. Players can use netherite by adding the ore to diamond armors and weapons to make it stronger. The more netherite the player adds to a piece of armor or weapon, the stronger it becomes. Netherite armor and weapons can also be enchanted for even higher levels of functionality.

There are two parts to creating netherite in Minecraft. These include finding ancient debris and gold, which are combined to make netherite ingots.

Players looking for netherite may wonder how they might find the components making up the ore. Luckily, there are Minecraft seeds to aid players in their hunt for netherite.

Here is a list of 5 of the best seeds to find netherite in Minecraft.

Top 5 Minecraft seeds for Netherite in May 2021

#1 - Six Debris?!?

Seed: -1312342842

Nether debris (Image via Reddit)
Nether debris (Image via Reddit)

It's extremely rare for players to find ancient debris in the Nether, but ancient debris right next to each other is unheard of. This seed will help players collect all the ancient debris they need to create netherite armor and weapons.

Players should be sure to bring a diamond pickaxe to mine the ancient debris and several iron pickaxes for mining the netherrack surrounding the ancient debris.

#2 - Exposed ancient debris

Seed: 622560260

Exposed ancient debris (Image via mcBedrock)
Exposed ancient debris (Image via mcBedrock)

Exposed ancient debris is an extremely rare occurrence in Minecraft, but this seed contains it. The exposed debris is found inside a nether fortress, which is even rarer. It should not take the player long to find this piece of debris since it's right out on the surface. Players are also likely to find more debris in the area.

Besides the exposed debris, this seed contains many other rare phenomena like a shatter savanna biome, an abandoned village, underwater ruins, and an extreme hills biome. This seed is definitely worth checking out.

#3 - High y-level ancient debris

Seed: 5668281200808147405

Ancient debris with coordinates (Image via Reddit)
Ancient debris with coordinates (Image via Reddit)

In this seed, players will be delighted to find ancient debris at the rear y-level of 65 in the Nether. While it's only one ancient debris block, it will still help the player obtain netherite in Minecraft. It's also quite rare for ancient debris to generate this high up in the Nether.

#4 - Debris near a spawner

Seed: -4530634556500121041

Spawner and debris (Image via Reddit)
Spawner and debris (Image via Reddit)

This seed not only has ancient debris exposed in a Nether fortress, but the debris is also right next to a blaze spawner. This allows the player to mine the debris and grind for XP in the same area. This debris is also a rare occurrence since it spawns so high up at y-level 58.

This seed is great for more than just ancient debris; it's great for a netherite speedrun. Players will spawn near an almost completed ruined nether portal, making it very easy for players to travel to the Nether and collect resources in record time.

#5 - Ancient debris and bastion remnants

Seed: 1294889165

Ancient debris exposed (Image via Reddit)
Ancient debris exposed (Image via Reddit)

This seed will give players many Nether opportunities, including exposed ancient debris near bastion remnants. This ancient debris even spawned with a mushroom growing on top of it, which is extremely rare in Minecraft. Players will definitely be able to create some netherite with this seed.

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Published 04 May 2021
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