5 Best Minecraft seeds for spawning skeletons

Natural double skeleton spawner in Minecraft (Image via Reddit)
Natural double skeleton spawner in Minecraft (Image via Reddit)
Holly Ellison

Several seeds are great for spawning skeletons in Minecraft. There are many Minecraft players out there looking for the best environment to spawn skeletons. Seeds can help out in this process by providing pre-packaged biomes and skeleton spawners for players to find.

There are a few avenues to creating great conditions for skeleton spawning in Minecraft. These include spawners, cold and open biomes, or even just a plethora of dark caves. Skeletons have a higher chance of spawning in colder climates than husks, which makes colder biomes like frozen oceans, taiga, and other snowy variants perfect for skeleton spawning. Skeletons also spawn in caves since their light level is usually under light level 7.

Some of these seeds contain skeleton spawners or even two or three located within the same dungeon. Others just have multiple cold and open biomes, which are great for fighting skeletons. Here are some of the best seeds for spawning skeletons in Minecraft.

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Top 5 skeleton spawning seeds in Minecraft

#1 - Seed: 7691216207491717870

Skeleton spawner Minecraft (Image via planetminecraft)
Skeleton spawner Minecraft (Image via planetminecraft)

This seed works on Minecraft PE edition version 1.2. This seed spawns the player in a roofed forest biome with giant mushrooms within the forest. In addition to the roofed forest biome, the player also spawns close to a desert mesa biome.

A bit behind and to the right of where the player spawns, they will find a skeleton spawner in a dungeon. There's also a mountain biome with a large waterfall and lava pits.

What makes this seed great for spawning skeletons is that it's near a natural skeleton spawner and the roofed forest biome allows skeletons to live throughout the day after they spawn at night. Desert/mesa is also great for spawning skeletons at night since there aren't any trees in the the player's vision.

#2 - Seed: -2633346777609645921

Iceberg and snow biomes (Image via gameskinny)
Iceberg and snow biomes (Image via gameskinny)

This seed has a large ocean and iceberg biome within a few hundred blocks from spawn. The map also includes a taiga village a few hundred blocks out from spawn.

What makes this seed great for spawning skeletons is the biomes present within the world. Skeletons spawn at a higher rate in colder climates. 80% of all skeletons spawn as husks in frozen oceans, tundras, and other colder variants. This means this map is absolutely full of skeletons and husks ready to wander around and attack players.

What's even better about this map is that large ocean biomes are great for keeping skeletons alive during the day. This seed is for Minecraft Java Edition and will work in version 1.16.5.

#3 - Seed: -652985034

Single skeleton spawner (Image via theeyesofafemalegamer)
Single skeleton spawner (Image via theeyesofafemalegamer)

This seed will spawn the player in a central location between a few villages, two spawners, and a pyramid. All of these structures are within a few hundred blocks of spawn, and the dungeons are relatively close to the surface and easily discoverable.

Within the dungeons, there are two spawners including a zombie and skeleton spawner. These dungeons are sure to spawn a fair amount of mobs, and Minecraft players will have a lot of fun grinding for XP and killing these skeletons.

The seed has plains, desert, and savannah biomes all within reach of spawn. These three biomes are great for skeleton hunting at night since they're all relatively open expanses which allow for easy visibility at night.

The seed works on Minecraft Bedrock Edition and players should definitely give this seed a try.

#4 - Seed: -30415372735095955

Triple skeleton spawner Minecraft (Image via
Triple skeleton spawner Minecraft (Image via

This Minecraft Java Edition seed is very old and unknown to many players. The seed includes a triple skeleton spawner within a dungeon under some sand. This seed was found all the way back in 2011, on a much older version of Minecraft. The coordinates for this dungeon are x = 645, y = 63, z = -776.

There isn't much to this seed besides the triple skeleton spawner. Players will have no shortage of skeletons to battle with this seed, especially since the spawners are close to the surface and in the middle of a desert, it would be relatively easy to get these mobs to travel out into the open for the player to fight on the surface.

#5 - Seed: 1600331202

Double skeleton spawner (Image via
Double skeleton spawner (Image via

This last seed is for Minecraft Bedrock Edition on version 1.14.6. This seed includes a double skeleton spawner relatively close to spawn. The dungeon containing the spawners is at coordinates x = 1281, y = 49, and z = -485.

As if the double skeleton spawner wasn't enough, there's also a chest with some good loot within the dungeon. Players will have no trouble setting up a mob XP farm on this seed or just fighting these skeletons for fun.

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