5 best Minecraft servers for survival gameplay in 2022

One of the top Survival servers (Image via EbiEater on YouTube)
One of the top Survival servers. (Image via EbiEater on YouTube)

Minecraft servers offer a unique gameplay experience to users. For starters, they are able to house well above the normal limit of players. A server can have hundreds of people playing together, whereas a multiplayer world or even a realm have far fewer than that.

Secondly, they offer a totally unique game mode. Instead of the typical Survival and Creative modes, there are tons of new modes like PvP, BedWards, One Block, Towny, Faction and more. Servers represent everything that Minecraft has to offer.

The biggest draw is probably the ability to play the game on such a wide scale. The Survival gameplay is enhanced when it's on this kind of stage, so many gamers look for servers just to play Survival on them. Here are a few good options.

Minecraft servers: What to join if you love Survival

5) InsanityCraft


InsanityCraft is a top-notch server with plenty of game modes. There's plenty to do and Survival is one of this server's main selling points. According to the creators, it's also one of the oldest servers available. Here's what they said about it:

"InsanityCraft is one of the oldest networks in the world with the most popular game modes! With over a decade of experience in designing the ultimate servers for our players, you can enjoy Survival, Skyblock, Factions and much more with our amazing growing community of the best players!"

Its designation as one of the oldest servers out there means they know what they're doing. It also means that bugs and glitches have more than likely all been worked out.

4) Cherry Survival


As the name suggests, this server is mainly focused on Survival mode. It's one of the more laid-back servers out there, so the pressure is truly off for any potential player. It has space for up to 200 players, so it's not overwhelming, but it does offer enough space for tons of gamers to get involved and have an excellent time. It also supports version 1.19, so the game is about as up to date as it can be.

3) Vortex Network


Vortex Network is a high-quality Minecraft server, so whatever one is looking for in a server, it's very likely that Vortex has it and that it's good. It is a space themed server, which helps to set it apart from others. Minecraft isn't in space yet (unless the End counts and it does resemble space), so that makes this an even more unique server to be a part of.

There are several different game modes, but many gamers simply join to play Survival. It's a classic, and so is this server.

2) OPBlocks Network

One of the best Survival servers available (Image via OPBlocks)
One of the best Survival servers available (Image via OPBlocks)

OPBlocks Network is one of the few servers that supports both Java and Bedrock Editions. OPBlocks welcomes both of these two games, which are usually mutually exclusive. It also has support for everything from version 1.8 to 1.19, so players from all different versions are involved. PvP players like the older versions, but this server has them all.

1) Complex Gaming


Complex Gaming is not just the best Survival server out there. It's one of the best servers out there in general. For almost any game mode that Complex has, it is one of the go-to Minecraft servers for serious players.

It's one of the biggest servers, with nearly 7,000 player slots available. It gets full quickly, which is a good way to know how good a server is. They have tons of different game modes like Pixelmon, Prison and more, but Survival is one of their best.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.